Funding Opportunities

Washington Sea Grant is a catalyst for innovative marine research and education opportunities.

Omnibus Proposal Information

Washington Sea Grant is a part of a national network, funded and coordinated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration through a state–federal partnership.  Under the national program, the primary funding mechanism for Washington Sea Grant is an omnibus grant that integrates research, education, public engagement and administrative activities. Washington Sea Grant currently is implementing its 2010-2014 omnibus grant. The grant provides for an annual budget of a little more than $4 million. About two-thirds of the funding comes from NOAA, with a one-third match from state and other funding sources. Fellowship programs are supported at both national and state levels.

Implementation of the omnibus grant combines competitively selected research projects with complementary outreach, education and communications activities carried our by the Washington Sea Grant staff. At least half of the omnibus funds are awarded for research projects.

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