Ocean Acidification in the Pacific Northwest

Washington Sea Grant (WSG) has been a leader in regional efforts to understand and address ocean acidification (OA) since the late 2000’s, when acidification was first linked to production failures in west coast shellfish hatcheries. In 2010, WSG helped establish the California Current Acidification Network (C-CAN), and began investing in scientific research. The following year, WSG hosted an Ocean Acidification Symposium, which attracted over 200 scientists, policymakers, tribal leaders, shellfish industry representatives and others concerned about the impacts of acidification on Washington's marine waters. Speakers challenged scientists and policy makers to work together to address the problem. Their challenge prompted Governor Chris Gregoire to convene the Washington State Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification in 2012, making Washington the first state in the nation to tackle ocean acidification at this level.

In 2013, WSG brought Meg Chadsey on as their first Ocean Acidification Specialist and liaison to NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, one of the world’s leading centers for ocean acidification monitoring and research. Meg and other WSG staff engage Washington citizens and stakeholders through a variety of ocean acidification outreach, education, mitigation and adaptation projects.

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Ocean Acidification Policy in Washington State

Washington state is a leader in ocean acidification policy:

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