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The Fertile Fjord - Plankton in Puget Sound

In 1983, The Fertile Fjord,was published by Washington Sea Grant as part of a series on different aspects of Puget Sound. The author of The Fertile Fjordis University of Washington Oceanography faculty member, Richard M. Strickland and his book examines the role of plankton in the Sound.

Unfortunately, some of the books in the series, including The Fertile Fjord, are now out of print. In order to make this important book available, we have included the entire book, with Table of Contents, Glossary and Index in addition to the text, on our Web site.

Since the book is 145 pages long, we have put it in PDF (portable document format) to make it more manageable.

You can access the pdf's by clicking on the chapters listed below.*

Please note that there are a couple of errors on the PDF of Fertile Fjord. Eventually, they will be permanently corrected, but in the interest of students who are currently using this manuscript for a class, we are putting up the missing pages temporarily. You will notice first of all that pages 25 and 26 have become transposed. They are both there...just out of order. The missing pages are 45 and 46. There are links below this paragraph to each of the pages. It was a quick scan job, so you may have to fiddle with the size to get a readable copy. We're sorry they're makeshift, but hope they work for the interim.


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