Marc Hershman Marine Policy Fellowship

The submission period for the 2015-16 fellowship is April–May 2015. Please check this webpage for more information.

This program places five graduate students or recent graduates for one year with host offices in Olympia, Seattle and Tacoma, Washington, working on ocean and coastal science and management issues. The Hershman Fellowship offers a first-hand experience in crafting marine and natural resource policies and enables fellows to share their academic expertise with state decision makers. Host offices for 2014-2015 are the Department of Health, Department of Ecology, the Puget Sound Partnership, The Nature Conservancy and the Makah Tribe Office of Marine Affairs. Projects for 2014-2015 include coastal hazards and resiliency, climate change and marine biotoxins, vessel traffic safety and oil spill prevention, marine habitat conservation, and protection and recovery strategies in Puget Sound.


If you are interested in applying for the Hershman Fellowship, please contact Nancy Reichley before submitting your application materials:

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