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ACES: Signals of Spring ACES curriculum teaches science in a marine context, using satellite data to explain movements of animals in the ocean. Includes environments of National Marine Sanctuaries. N Y Y N 7-12 ACES, Animals in Curriculum-based Ecosystem Studies, birds, conservation, curricula, curriculum, earth science, ecosystem, fish, food web, life science, marine mammals, marine science, NASA, National Marine Sanctuaries, NOAA, ocean literacy, ocean processes, ocean science, plankton, Professional Development, remote sensing, research skills, satellite tracking, seabirds, seals, sea turtles, Signals of Spring, technology
Adopt A Stream Foundation Offers publications, videos, monitoring equipment and other information on conducting watershed inventories and collecting data on stream characteristics. N N Y N K-12 Adopt A Stream Foundation, aquatic insects, aquatic vegetation, CEUs, clock hours, Everett, Field Activities, insects, mapping, North Creek, Northwest Stream Center, plants, pollution, Professional Development, river, salmon, stream, Streamkeeper Academy, water quality, watersheds, wetlands
American Cetacean Society: Puget Sound Chapter Contact the organization to learn more about their presentations. Y N N N K-12 American Cetacean Society, American Cetacean Society: Puget Sound Chapter, killer whales, marine mammals, orcas, whales
American Meterological Society Provides a list of colleges in the atmospheric, oceanic, hydrologic and related sciences. N N N Y 9-12 American Meteorological Society, atmospheric, colleges, hydrologic, marine science careers, universities, weather
Ballard Maritime Academy Career maritime academy within Ballard High School in Seattle. N N N Y 10-12 Ballard High School, Ballard Maritime Academy, high school, marine carpentry, marine sciences, maritime, ocean science, Seattle, transportation
Bonneville Power Administration Tours of hydroelectric dams offered to school groups, as well as classroom materials and presentations on hydropower, renewable energy, salmon, climate change and other topics. Y N Y Y 4-12 Bonneville Power Administration, BPA, climate change, Dalles, dams, Department of Energy, ecosystem, electricity, energy conservation, environmental, Field Activities, fish, fish, Grand Coulee, hydropower, irrigation, Kids in the Creek, renewable energy, Rocky Reach, salmon, stewardship, virtual learning, water cycle, wildlife, wind power
Burke Museum Offers “Burke in a Box, teacher trainings and activities, and a visit from the Burkemobile. Y Y Y N K-12 Burkemobile, Burke Museum, curricula, curriculum, ecosystem, events, Field Activities, fish, fossils, invertebrates, marine mammals, museum, Professional Development, Seattle, shells, summer camps, tours, University of Washington, whales
Carson National Fish Hatchery Focuses on classroom activities such as fish dissection and making fish prints, curricula, videos and speakers. Y N Y N K-6 Carson National Fish Hatchery, Columbia Gorge, curricula, curriculum, Field Activities, fish, hatcheries, hatchery, salmon, speakers, Spring Creek, Underwood
Cascade Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group Explore this site for information on the organization's support of a number of educational events and classroom activities. Y N Y N K-12 Cascade Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group, CCFEG, coloring sheets, dams, Field Activities, fish, fish identification cards, hatcheries, hatchery, Kids' Fishing Day, Kids in the Creek, Leavenworth, life cycle, Methow Valley Salmon Celebration, Picture the Wenatchee, posters, Rolling River, salmon, Salmonfest, stewardship, water pollution, water quality, watersheds, Wenatchee River Salmon Festival, Winthrop
Cascadia Conservation District Kids in the Creek program combines classroom and field studies to teach students about the ecology of local streams and watersheds. Y N Y N 9-12 aquatic insects, Cascade, Cascadia Conservation District, Cashmere, Chelan, Classroom Resources, EALRs, Eastmont, ecosystem, environmental education, habitat, Kids in the Creek, macroinvertebrates, plants, streams, water quality, watersheds
Center for Integrated Marine Technologies Photographs and background on phytoplankton of the West coast. N N Y N K-12 Center for Integrated Marine Technologies, invertebrates, photographs, phytoplankton, phytoplankton identification guide
CIESE: The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Based in NJ, CIESE sponsors and designs online science projects teachers throughout the world can use, often working with real-time data. View data in your area and compare it worldwide. N N Y N K-12 CIESE, circulation, climate, earthquakes, engineering, invertebrates, lakes, navigation, plate tectonics, pollution, ponds, real-time data, real time data, rivers, streams, The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science, tides, tsunamis, virtual learning, water quality, weather
CLEAN: Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network CLEAN is a collection of educational resources on climate and energy science; search for those applicable to Washington state. N Y Y N 5-12 CLEAN, CLEAN: Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network, climate change, climate modeling, global warming, ocean acidification, paleoclimates, virtual learning
Clearing Online forum for sharing regional environmental and place-based education ideas, resource materials, activity plans and book reviews. N N Y N K-12 Clearing, ecology, environmental education, fish, online magazine. climate change, watersheds, wetlands
Climate Impacts Group Request a speaker to talk to your class about climate change and regional impacts. Y N N N 9-12 CIG, climate, climate change, Climate Impacts Group, University of Washington, UW
Cool School Challenge Engages students and teachers in strategies to reduce classroom CO2 emissions. N N Y N K-12 C02 emissions, climate change, Cool School Challenge, curricula, curriculum, EALRs, greenhouse gases, Professional Development, Puget Sound Energy
COSEE: Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence Twelve centers throughout the U.S. offer online regional and international marine education resources and opportunities for teachers to collaborate with scientists to further ocean literacy. N Y Y Y K-12 Alaska, California, Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence, climate change, Coastal Trends, College of the Environment, COSEE, curricula, curriculum, engineering, Florida, freshwater, fresh water, Great Lakes, Gulf of Mexico, Maryland, Networked Ocean World, New England, Ocean Inquiry Project, Ocean Learning Communities, ocean observing data, oceanography, Ocean Systems, OLC, Oregon, Pacific Partnerships, photographs, Professional Development, Seattle Aquarium, SouthEast, stewardship, technologies, technology, TEK, University of Washington, urban, UW, UW College of Education, Washington state, West
COSEE: Explore ocean-related careers, colleges, profiles, training centers and scholarships. N N N Y 3-12 Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence, colleges, COSEE, internships, jobs, OceanCareers, scholarships
Defenders of Wildlife: Sea Otter Unit Learn about sea otters on the West Coast. N Y Y N 5-8 curricula, curriculum, Defenders of Wildlife, EALRs, marine mammals, sea otters
Discovery of Sound in the Sea Offers information and audio on types and behaviors of sound in the ocean; includes NW Pacific killer whale vocalizations. N Y Y N K-12 bioacoustics, Discovery of Sound in the Sea, DOSITS, humpback whales, killer whales, orcas, physical oceanography, physics, sound, sound in the sea, Spanish, virtual learning, vocalizations, whales
Dungeness River Audubon Center Center staff have developed curriculum & programs primarily for elemental and middle schools that focus on the wildlife of the Dungeness watershed and how humans affect local watersheds over time. Y N Y N 2-12 aquatic insects, aquatic macro invertebrates, art, birds, cultural history, curricula, curriculum, Dungeness River Audubon Center, environmental education, Field Activities, habitat restoration, habitat succession, high school internships, Native Americans, Olympic Peninsula, Railroad Bridge Park, River Center Foundation, river otters, S'Klallam, salmon, Sequim, stewardship, watershed monitoring, wildlife
Earth & Space Research Outreach includes K-12 career and science fairs and presentations; emphasis on the relationship between ocean and climate. Y Y Y Y K-12 arctic, career fairs, climate, climate change, conservation, Earth & Space Research, ESR, marine mammals, marine science, oceanography, polar, Professional Development, research, research institute, science, science fairs, technology
Earthwatch Institute Browse free curriculum ideas and lesson plans inspired by educators' experiences on Earthwatch expeditions. Many are marine-related and some are focused on the Pacific Northwest. N N Y N K-12 conservation, curricula, curriculum, Earthwatch Educator Fellowship, Earthwatch Institute, environmental education, fellowships, Live from the Field, Professional Development, research, salmon, school year, summer programs, watersheds
Edmonds Discovery Programs Features salmon curricula for grades 5-9, K-12 classroom speakers, online regional marine life guide and guided beach walks. Y Y Y N K-12 beach, birds, curricula, curriculum, EALRs, Edmonds, Edmonds Discovery Programs, Edmonds Marine Sanctuary, Edmonds marsh, estuaries, estuary, Field Activities, food web, intertidal, Junior Beach Rangers, Junior Naturalists, marine sanctuary, Olympic Beach, Puget Sound, salmon, seabirds, stewardship, tidal, watershed
Encyclopedia of Puget Sound Primarily geared towards scientists and policymakers, the online encyclopedia offers a species library of the region's plants and animals as well as geographical, health and status information. N N Y N 6-12 amphibians, bathymetry, climate change, dams, Encyclopedia of Puget Sound, fish, habitat maps, hydrology, invasive species, invertebrates, marine mammals, natural hazards, navigation, noxious weeds, ocean bottom, Puget Sound Institute, reptiles, Salish Sea watersheds, seabirds, University of Washington, UW, weather, wildlife
Environmental Science Center Visit the ESC site to explore classroom and field programs on regional marine topics, and for environmentally-related senior culminating project sponsorship. Y N Y N K-12 after school clubs, Burien, coastal, conservation, culminating projects, Duamish, EALRs, ecology, environmental education, Environmental Science Center, environmental stewardship, ESC, Field Activities, fish, Green River, habitat, intertidal, life cycle, marine invertebrates, Miller Creek, Normandy Cove, pollution, Puget Sound, restoration, salmon, school break camps, science, Seahurst Park, senior projects, standards, storm drain stenciling, sustainability, Walker, water cycle, water quality, watersheds
Environmental Science Center Community-based environmental education organization that offers year-round classroom and field programs. Y N Y N K-12 after school programs, beach walks, Burien, Duwamish River, EALRs, ecology, environmental education, Field Activities, Green River, intertidal, Normandy Park, Puget Sound, restoration, salmon, Seahurst Park, south King County, summer programs, tidal, Walker/Miller Creek Watershed, watershed, watersheds
Facing the Future Seattle-based organization offers free and for fee curricula on marine and other topics. N Y Y N K-12 biodiversity, climate change, curricula, curriculum, EALRs, ecosystems, Facing the Future, Professional Development, sustainability
FOR SEA Institute of Marine Science Includes marine science curricula, activities and teacher training. N Y Y N 1-12 fish, FOR SEA Institute of Marine Science, Indianola, Kitsap Peninsula, marine science, ocean science, Professional Development, Puget Sound, salmon, virtual learning, whale
Franklin Conservation District Offers programs on natural resource conservation, protection and sustainability through classroom and field studies. Y N Y N K-12 Adams, Asotin, Benton, Chelan, Columbia, dams, Douglas, EALRs, eastern Washington, Ferry, Field Activities, fish, Franklin Conservation District, Garfield, geology, Grant, Kittitas, Klickitat, lakes, Lincoln, North Yakima Conservation District, Okanogan, Pend O'Reille, Project Learning Tree, Project WET, Project WILD, rivers, salmon, Salmon in the Classroom, soil, Spokane, Stevens, stream ecology, streams, Walla Walla, water cycle, Water on Wheels, water quality, watersheds, Wheat Week, Whitman, Yakima
Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery Free and donation-based classroom presentations and curricula about Pacific salmon, watersheds, pollution and Puget Sound. Y N Y N K-12 curricula, curriculum, Field Activities, FISH, Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery, Issaquah, pollution, preschool, Puget Sound, salmon, Salmon Trunk, science fairs, storm drain stencil kits, summer camps, watersheds
Friends of the San Juans Offers informal programs on increasing knowledge, participation and stewardship of the islands' natural resources. Y N Y N K-12 coastal, conservation, fish, Friends of the San Juans, marine debris, pollution, salmon, San Juan Islands, stewardship, stormwater, tribal, virtual learning
Highline Community College: Marine Science & Technology Center (MaST) Study guides for Puget Sound killer whales, seabirds and salmon farming. N Y Y N 9-12 aquaculture, community college, Field Activities, Highline Community College, killer whales, Marine Science & Technology Center, marine science center, MaST, orcas, pollution, touch tanks, weather, whales
Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures Features educators' guides and videos of killer whales and other marine science topics. N Y Y N 5-8 fish, invertebrates, Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures, killer whale, marine debris, marine mammals, migration, national marine sanctuaries, ocean literacy principles, orca, videos, virtual learning, whales
Killer Whale Tales Explores all things killer whales: story-telling, classroom programs, worksheets, summer program. Y Y Y N K-5 classes, curricula, curriculum, killer whales, Killer Whale Tales, marine mammals, orca, speakers, summer programs, virtual learning, whales
Kitsap County Public Works Presentations and classroom materials to raise awareness about how to reduce water quality impacts in everyday activities. Y N Y N K-12 All the Way to the Ocean, EALRs, fish, How Much Runoff?, I Don't Pollute...Do I?, Incredible Journey, Kitsap County Public Works, migration, Salmon in the Classroom, sewers, Soak It Up, Storm Drain Stenciling, stormwater runoff, Stream Monitoring, The Life of a Salmon, Thumbs up Thumbs Down, water cycle, water quality, Water Quality Bingo, Water Quality Limbo, watershed, Where Does the Rain Go?, World Water Monitoring Day
Lake Roosevelt National Park Find classroom speakers, field activities and teacher trainings on diverse topics including watershed health, salmon life cycles, fur trade, tribal culture and geologic history of eastern Washington. Y N Y N K-12 books, clock hours, Columbia River, Department of Fish and Wildlife, eastern Washington, Field Activities, fish, fur trade, geologic history, geology, Healthy People, Healthy Water, Lake Roosevelt National Park, National Park Service, NatureMapping, Professional Development, Project: Wild Salmon, Project WET, Project Wild Salmon, puppets, River Mile Institute, scholarships, Spokane, Traveling Trunks, tribal, tribes, videos, WA education standards, Washington education standards, water quality monitoring, watershed
Lawrence Hall of Science Marine Activities, Resources & Education (MARE) Located in California, the MARE program offers a host of information about ocean sciences including online guides to West Coast marine habitats, field trip tips, webinars and professional development. N Y Y N K-12 beach, climate change, curricula, curriculum, ecosystems, freshwater, intertidal, island habitats, Lawrence Hall of Science Marine Activities, MARE, marine, ocean literacy, Ocean Literacy Principles, ocean sciences, OLP, ponds, Professional Development, Resources & Education, virtual learning, wetlands
Leaping Frog Films The company offers a video collection of environmental stories focusing on wildlife habitat restoration and native species recovery programs in the Pacific Northwest. Y N Y Y 6-12 Buried in Sawdust for 50 Years, Community Shellfish Farming, cultural, culture, ecology, environmental education, history, Illahee, Leaping Frog Films, native species recovery, Rebirth of the Elwha, Restoration Gone Wild, Restoration of the Olympia Oyster with a Salmon Restoration Twist, Restoration of the Pinto Abalone, Restoring Water Quality, River as Spirit, Saving Puget Sound One Watershed at a Time, video, wildlife habitat restoration
Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery Complex Offers Discovery Boxes and Learning Models on natural resource topics for loan. N Y Y N K-12 curricula, curriculum, ecology, ecosystem, Entiat, Field Activities, fish hatchery, hatcheries, hatchery, Icicle Creek, Leavenworth, Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery Complex, Nasikelt River, natural resource management, Professional Development, salmon, watersheds, Wenatchee
Lesson Planet Browse this for-fee site (free 10-day trial) for links to Pacific Northwest/Washington state-related marine topics, activities, lesson plans and other classroom resources. N N Y N K-12 birds, conservation, currents, curricula, curriculum, fish, Lesson Plan, marine, marine mammals, ocean, plate tectonics, salmon, standards, virtual learning, waves, weather
Mason Conservation District Click on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife link for information on the fish dissection in the classroom program. Also offers salmon viewing and habitat interpretation at Kennedy Creek. Y N Y N K-12 dissection, Field Activities, fish, Kennedy Creek Salmon Trail, Mason Conservation District, Olympia, salmon, Shelton, south Puget Sound, streams, Totten Inlet
Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group Mid Sound delivers classroom presentations on salmon habitat restoration and provides opportunities for field trips. Y N N N K-12 Cedar River, Duwamish River, Eastern Kitsap County, ecology, environmental stewardship, Field Activities, fish, Green River, habitat, King, Lake Washington, Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group, Midsound Fisheries Enhancement Group, Puget Sound, restoration, RFEG, salmon, Seattle, service learning, streams, watersheds
Monterey Bay Aquarium Provides information on careers in marine sciences. N Y N Y 6-12 marine science careers, Monterey Bay Aquarium, virtual learning
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute Includes information on careers in marine sciences. N Y N Y 6-12 marine science careers, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, virtual learning
National Geographic EdNet Includes a Pacific salmon lesson plan for grades K-2, plus other lessons on K-12 marine topics. N Y Y Y K-12 lesson plans , marine mammals, marine sanctuary, National Geographic EdNet, salmon, sanctuaries, virtual learning, whales
National Marine Sanctuaries Find virtual tours of the sanctuaries, lesson plans and information on a variety of marine sanctuary topics. N Y Y Y K-12 B-WET, coast, curricula, curriculum, diversity, diversity, ecosystem, Field Activities, games, invasive species, marine debris, marine sciences, multicultural, National Marine Sanctuaries, NOAA, ocean data, Ocean for Life, ocean sciences, pollution, Professional Development, sea birds, seafloor mapping, sea turtles, shipwrecks, virtual learning, watersheds, whales
National Marine Sanctuaries: West Coast Field Guide Describes natural and cultural histories of West Coast sanctuaries, including the Olympic Coast. N N Y N K-12 birds, culture, fish, habitats, killer whales, maps, marine mammals, National Marine Sanctuaries, National Marine Sanctuaries: West Coast Field Guide, NOAA, Olympic Coast, plants, Professional Development, reptiles, sanctuaries, sanctuary, shipwrecks, tribes, virtual learning, West Coast Field Guide, whales
National Ocean Sciences Bowl: Ocean Careers Contains links to careers and colleges in marine science and technology N N N Y 5-12 marine science careers, National Ocean Sciences Bowl: Ocean Careers, NOSB
National Science Teachers Association Fill in directed keywords for revolving information on marine topics in the Pacific Northwest and professional development opportunities. N N Y N K-12 general science, National Science Teachers Association, NSTA, ocean, professional development, virtual learning
National Wildlife Refuge System: Washington state Click on the wildlife refuge to learn about it and what types of education programs, if any, it offers. Y Y Y N K-12 Columbia, Conboy, conservation, Copalis, Dungeness, ecosystem, Field Activities, fish, Flattery Rocks, Franz Lake, Grays Harbor, Julia Butler Hansen, Lewis and Clark, Little Pend Oreille, marine debris, marine mammals, McNary, national wildlife refuges, National Wildlife System, Nisqually, Pierce, plants, pollution, Professional Development, Protection Island, Quillayute Needles, Ridgefield, Saddle Mountain, salmon, San Juan Islands, seabirds, Steigerwald Lake, Toppenish, tribes, Turnbull, Umatilla, Washington state national wildlife refuges, wildlife habitat, Willapa
Nature Vision: Nature in the Classroom Offers classroom and field trips on water conservation and ecology. Y N N N K-12 Bellevue, ecology, Field Activities, groundwater, Lewis Creek, Nature in the Classroom, Nature Vision, Redmond, stewardship, water conservation
NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center Click on Resources in upper right for information on many marine science topics, activity guides, speakers and tours. Y Y Y Y K-12 Age Reading Demonstration, Alaska, Alaska, Alaska Fisheries Science Center, climate change, curricula, curriculum, Field Activities, fish, fish aging, fish ear bones, fluke photographs, garbage, humpback whale, internships, killer whale, marine debris, marine mammals, marine science, marine science, migration, National Marine Mammal Laboratory, NOAA, NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center, orca, otolith, rockfish, salmon, speakers, Springer, taxonomy, taxonomy, tours, virtual learning, whales
NOAA Coastal Services Center A portal to games and interactive activities on air and water themes, highlighting NOAA science and research activities. N Y Y Y K-8 curricula, curriculum, ecosystem, estuaries, estuary, Exxon Valdez, fish, food web, games, habitats, humpback whales, invasive species, marine debris, marine mammals, marine science, migration, nautical charts, NOAA, oceanography, ocean science, oil spills, otters, pollution, recycling, restoration, seabirds, sharks, shipwrecks, tidal zone, tides, virtual learning, water quality, watersheds, whales
NOAA Education Offers a host of resources on marine topics covered in 2009's Year of Science. N Y Y N K-12 climate change, coastal, ecology, ecosystems, El Nino, endangered species, estuaries, estuary, fisheries, fisheries, food chain, food web, habitats, HABs, harmful algal blooms, invasive species, invertebrates, killer whales, marine debris, marine mammals, marine science, NOAA oceanography, orcas, podcasts, pollution, posters, sea turtles, videos, virtual learning, watersheds, weather, whales
NOAA Education Office Compiles a broad range of NOAA education resources from throughout the agency. N Y Y Y K-12 climate change, fisheries, marine mammals, marine sanctuaries, marine science, meteorology, navigation, NOAA, NOAA Education Office, Professional Development, sanctuaries, sanctuary, satellites, Sea Grant, tsunamis, virtual learning, weather, whales
NOAA Marine Debris Program Information and materials to help prevent and address marine debris. N Y Y N K-12 curricula, curriculum, Great Pacific Garbage Patch, marine debris, NOAA, NOAA Marine Debris Program, posters, virtual learning
NOAA National Weather Service Research weather phenomena through these short meteorological slide shows. N Y N N K-12 meteorology, National Weather Service, NOAA, NOAA National Weather Service, online resources, Pacific Northwest, Puget Sound, virtual learning, weather
NOAA National Weather Service: JetStream - Online School for Weather JetStream provides detailed information on the hows and whys of weather and weather safety, and offers a number of lesson plans on various aspects of weather and oceanography. N Y Y N 5-12 atmosphere, climate, currents, games, global circulation, global weather, hydrologic cycle, hydrology, jet stream, meteorology, NOAA National Weather Service: JetStream - Online School for Weather, tides, tsunamis, virtual learning, water cycle, waves, weather safety, wind
NOAA NeMO: New Millennium Observatory Archived, interactive data from a 1998-2007 cruise exploring the eruption and sealife on the Axial Seamount on the Juan de Fuca Ridge off WA and OR. N Y Y N K-12 Axial Seamount, biology, black smokers, chemistry, curricula, curriculum, deep sea fish, geology, hydrothermal vents, invertebrates, Juan de Fuca Ridge, microbes, mid-ocean ridge, mid ocean ridge, NeMO, New Millennium Observatory, NOAA, plankton, plate tectonics, seafloor spreading, undersea volcanoes, underwater volcanoes
NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center Learn more about marine and fisheries research in the Pacific Northwest and bring marine science into your classroom. N Y Y N k-12 aquatic insects, biotoxins, climate change, conservation, culminating projects, curricula, curriculum, EALRs, ECOHAB, ecology, fisheries management, flash cards, food webs, games, HABs, harmful algal blooms, invertebrates, mapping, marine mammals, Mukilteo Research Station, NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Science Camp, NW Fisheries Science Center, NWFSC, photographs, photosynthesis, physical oceanography, phytoplankton, phytoplankton playing card game, population genetics, printable handouts, red tides, Salish Sea, salmon life cycle, scanning electron microscopy, Slippery Sleuth, streams, sustainable seafood, Teacher at Sea, Teacher in the Lab program, virtual learning, water quality, watersheds
NOAA OceanAGE Careers: Another Generation of Explorers Explores a multitude of marine-related careers and highlights specific scientists. N Y N Y 6-12 marine careers, NOAA, NOAA OceanAGE, Ocean AGE
NOAA Office of Response and Restoration Learn about the effects of an oil spill and perform classroom experiments. N Y Y N K-12 birds, Edmonds, NOAA, NOAA Office of Response and Restoration, Office of Response and Restoration, oil spill, oil spill response, virtual learning
NOAA Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary Offers education events, speakers and professional development opportunities on marine sanctuaries and the Olympic Coast. Y Y Y N K-12 conservation, Field Activities, fish, invertebrates, marine mammals, marine sanctuaries, marine sanctuary, NOAA, NOAA Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, plants, Professional Development, reptiles, sanctuaries, sanctuary, seabirds, shipwrecks, undersea research, virtual learning, whales
NOAA Tides & Currents Site offers real-time and historical oceanographic data for the WA coast, as well as lesson plans and information on tides and currents. N Y Y N 5-12 astronomy, climate change, curricula, curriculum, estuaries, estuary, games, interactive maps, meteorological data, meteorology, National Ocean Service, NOAA Tides & Currents, oceanography, pollution, real-time data, real time data, sea floor mapping, storms, tidal data, tidal predictions, Tides and Currents, virtual learning
NOAA: Voices from the Fisheries Project Develop a class project to interview local fisherman or people in fisheries-related careers to add to the Website. N N Y Y 6-12 commercial fishing, cultural history, fisheries, fishermen, NOAA, oral history, recreational fishing, subsistence fishing, tribal, tribal fishing, tribes, Voices from the Fisheries Project
Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association Offers watershed-based stewardship programs and speakers that integrate education with restoration. Y N Y N 3-10 Bellingham, Blaine, ecology, Ferndale, Field Activities, habitat restoration, invasive species, Lynden, Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association, Nooksack SEA, NSEA, plants, Professional Development, salmon, Sehome, Skagit, Squalicum, stewardship, streams, water quality, watershed, Whatcom County
North Cascades National Park Learn about animals, plants and climate of the North Cascades. Y Y Y N 5-12 Cascade Mountains, Cascades, Chelan County, climate change, curricula, curriculum, EALRs, EALRs, ecosystem, Field Activities, fish, Lake Chelan, Newhalem, North Cascades National Park, Professional Development, salmon, Skagit County, Skagit River, Spanish, Stehekin, Stehekin, watershed, Whatcom County
North Olympic Salmon Coalition Salmon habitat restoration group offers educational tools for your classroom, including a giant model salmon. N N Y N K-12 Clallam County, FIN, habitat restoration, Jefferson County, North Olympic Salmon Coalition, Olympic Peninsula, Port Hadlock, Port Townsend, salmon, Salmon Trunk, service learning, stormwater pollution, stream restoration, traveling model salmon, watershed
North Olympic Salmon Coalition NOSC offers a variety of educational programs in Jefferson and Clallam Counties, including classroom visits and school assemblies and service learning projects on watersheds, restoration and salmon. Y N Y N K-12 Chimacum Creek Stewards, Clallam County, curricula, curriculum, Field Activities, FIN the Migrating Salmon, fish, habitat restoration, Jefferson County, North Olympic Salmon Coalition, RFEG, salmon, Salmon Days, service learning, stewardship, stormdrain marking, stormwater pollution, Tracking the Dragon game book, watersheds, Watershed Stewards
Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems (NANOOS) Features lesson plans for ocean observation and satellite tracking; search site for related marine topics. N Y Y N 6-12 biotoxins, circulation, currents, EALRs, estuaries, estuary, NANOOS, Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems, ocean acidification, ocean observing, satellite, technology, tsunamis, University of Washington, UW, virtual learning, water quality
Northwest Maritime Center Offers maritime and leadership training, including sailing experience on 84 ft. schooner and other boats. Y N N Y 7-12 Chimacum, Field Activities, maritime, Northwest Maritime Center, Port Townsend, racing, sailing, Wooden Boat Foundation
OAR Northwest Follow ocean rowers online as they row from Africa to Florida, explore real-time ocean data they collect, and schedule a speaker for your school assembly. Y Y Y N K-12 Africa to the Americas, atmospheric sciences, GPS, leadership, meteorology, navigation, OAR Northwest, oceanographic research, oceanography, real-time measurements, rowing, Salish Sea, satellites, sports medicine, STEM, team building, weather
Ocean Inquiry Project Contains power point presentations and other information for oceanographic research in Puget Sound. Y Y N Y 7-12 circulation, estuaries, estuary, Field Activities, modeling, Ocean Inquiry Project, oceanography, ocean science, power point presentation, primary production, Puget Sound, sea life videos, water quality
Ocean Literacy Network Learn more about ocean literacy and find ways to use ocean literacy principles in your classroom. N N Y N K-12 activities, ocean literacy, Ocean Literacy Network, ocean literacy principles, online resources, virtual learning
Ocean Literacy: The Essential Principles of Ocean Sciences K-12 Features pamphlet on key elements that contribute to understanding ocean science and processes. N N Y N K-12 Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts of Ocean Sciences K-12, marine science, National Science Education Standards (NSES), ocean literacy, ocean science
Ocean Research College Academy Unique opportunity for students to study, tuition-free, marine and other sciences at ORCA, an early college high school. N N N Y 11-12 Everett, Everett Community College, marine science, Ocean Research College Academy, ocean science, ORCA, Running Start
Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary: Encyclopedia of the Sanctuary Focuses on the natural histories of mammals, fish, birds, invertebrates, plants and reptiles on Washington's outer coast. N Y Y N K-12 encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of the Sanctuary, fish, invertebrates, killer whales, marine mammals, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, Olympic coast, Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary: Encyclopedia of the Sanctuary, orcas, plants, reptiles, whales
Orca Bowl High school students compete in this all-day ocean sciences bowl held at the University of Washington. Prizes include scholarships; winning team competes nationally. N N Y Y 9-12 COL, competition, Consortium for Ocean Leadership, Field Activities, marine sciences, National Ocean Sciences Bowl, NOSB, oceanography, ocean sciences, Orca Bowl, scholarships, Sea Grant, technology, University of Washington, UW, Washington Sea Grant, WSG
Orca Network Features student activity guides and information on Pacific NW killer whales. N Y Y N K-5 activity guides, killer whales, marine mammals, natural history, Orca Network, orcas, virtual learning, whales
Pacific Education Institute Search site to learn how PEI can help with project-based learning for all ages and Senior Culminating Projects. N N Y N K-12 biodiversity, climate change, Culminating Projects, curricula, curriculum, EALRs, environmental education, Field Activities, ocean literacy, Pacific Education Institute, pre-service, Professional Development, Project Learning Tree, Project WET, Project WILD, Puget Sound, Senior Culminating Projects, Shadow of the Salmon, stewardship, water quality, watershed
Pacific Marine Research: Marine Science Afloat Provides speakers and runs hands-on research cruises in Puget Sound. Y N N N 4-12 Field Activities, invertebrates, marine mammals, marine science, ocean science, Pacific Marine Research Marine Science Afloat, plankton, pollution, Puget Sound, research cruise, sampling, Seattle, water, watershed, whales
Pacific Maritime Institute A non-profit vocational training center for individuals seeking to enter the maritime profession. N N N Y 8-12 careers, maritime careers, merchant marine, Pacific Maritime Institute, Seattle, technology, vocational training
Pacific Northwest Salmon Center Offers a number of salmon- and watershed-related field trips, programs and classroom activities. N Y Y N K-12 art classes, Belfair, books, CDs, curricula, curriculum, EALRs, ecology, ecosystem, Environmental Explorations, Farm at Water's Edge, Field Activities, Field Activities, fish, habitat restoration, Haida, Healthy Food, Healthy Salmon, Hood Canal, Hood Canal Green STEM Youth Summit, internships, Kitsap County, NatureMapping, Nature Mapping, online education, OysterFest, Oysterfest, oysters, Pacific Northwest Salmon Center, Pacific Northwest Salmon Center, Pacific NW Salmon Center, Port Gamble, RFEG, S'Klallam, salmon, Skokomish, StreamTeam, Stream Team, summer camps, tribes, videos, virtual learning, volunteer, water quality, watershed, wetlands, Yakima
Pacific Science Center Offers hands-on science exhibits and speakers for your classroom, plus lesson plans on various topics, often marine. Y Y Y Y K-12 after school programs, afterschool programs, curricula, curriculum. science fairs, environmental education, Field Activities, Pacific Science Center, Professional Development, salmon, Science on Wheels, Seattle, virtual learning
Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Skagit County estuarine reserve with a host of classes, field trips, teacher workshops, and online curricula and lesson plans. Y Y Y N K-12 curricula, curriculum, estuaries, estuary, Field Activities, Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Professional Development, Skagit County, Skagit River, virtual learning, wildlife habitat, workshops
PBS Frontline: Poisoned Waters Examines, with teachers' guide, how water pollution affects human and environmental health; Puget Sound is highlighted. N Y Y N 9-12 human health, PBS Frontline, Poisoned Waters,Puget Sound, pollution, Puget Sound Partnership, virtual learning, water pollution
PBS Marine Fisheries & Aquaculture Series Curriculum for a scavenger hunt to discover threats to salmon populations. N N Y N 6-8 aquaculture, curricula, curriculum, salmon, virtual learning
Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Offerings include classroom program with a live animal and hands-on activities. Y N Y Y K-12 aquarium, climate change, clock hours, curricula, curriculum, EALRs, Point Definance Zoo & Aquarium, Professional Development, Puget Sound, scholarships, Tacoma, videos, watershed, zoo, zoo, ZooM Outreach Program
Port Townsend Marine Science Center Hands-on science programs for schools and workshops for teachers, marine and natural history exhibits in Fort Warden State Park setting with extensive beach and upland environment and on-site housing. Y Y Y N K-12 Admiralty Inlet, aquarium, citizen science, coastal ecology, cruises, day programs, EALRs, exhibits, Field Activities, inquiry teaching, marine mammals, Port Townsend Marine Science Center, Professional Development, Puget Sound, residential programs, Strait of Juan de Fuca, summer camps, touch tank, virtual learning, whales, workshops
Puget Sound Partnership: Puget Sound Starts Here Search the site to learn about Puget Sound, events and volunteer opportunities, and how to get involved in your area. N Y N N K-12 Drain Rangers, pollution, Puget Sound, Puget Sound Partnership, Puget Sound Starts Here, STORM, virtual learning, watersheds Explore this site for archived and real-time information about Race Rocks in Canada across from Pt. Angeles. Appropriate for WA and includes rocky intertidal zones, biology, weather and more. N Y Y N K-12 algae, British Columbia, cultural history, culture, ecological reserves, ecology, ecosystem, invertebrates, killer whales, lighthouses, macroinvertebrates, marine mammals, marine plants, Marine Protected Area, orcas, Pearson College, Race Rocks,, renewable energy, rocky intertidal, Salish Sea, seabirds, seals, solar power, Straight of Juan de Fuca, Strait of Georgia, tidal current energy, tribal, tribes, underwater photographs, videocams, virtual learning, weather, whales
Salish Sea Expeditions Customized for your classroom, Source offers activities, curricula, scientific investigation and equipment, and presentation production to investigate watershed issues throughout Puget Sound. Y N Y N 6-12 curricula, curriculum, EALRs, ecosystem, Field Activities, Funding Sources, low income school funding, marine science, oceanography, ocean science, Professional Development, Puget Sound, research cruise, sail, Salish Sea Expeditions, Source, stormwater, storm water, Student Science Symposium, water quality monitoring, watersheds
Salish Sea Hydrophone Network: Listening for Orcas Learn about and hear killer whale and other vocalizations, and learn about the natural history of killer whales. You can also listen in real-time and report any vocalizations heard. N Y Y N K-12 Beam Reach, Be Whale Wise, Cascadia Research Collective, Center for Whale Research, echolocation, killer whales, Killer Whale Tales, Listening for Orcas, natural history, NOAA, Orca Network, Port Townsend Marine Science Center, Salish Sea Hydrophone Network, Seattle Aquarium, sounds, The Whale Museum, virtual learning, vocalizations
Salmon Defense Salmon Defense is a non-profit established to protect salmon through education and action. Site primarily offers three videos related to treaty fishing rights and tribal identities. N Y Y N K-12 As Long As The Rivers Run, Back to the River, Boldt Decision, Coastal Salish, fishing rights, Salmon Defense, salmon habitat degradation, Shadow of the Salmon, treaty rights, tribal rights, video
San Juan Islands Conservation District Representatives will come to your classroom to talk about regional watersheds and wind and solar power. Y N N N K-12 conservation, San Juan Islands Conservation District, solar power, watersheds, wind power
SEA Discovery Center Explore the Pacific Northwest intertidal zone through this Web-based tutorial. N Y N N 1-8 coast, ecology, invertebrates, Keyport, Pacific Northwest, Poulsbo, Poulsbo Marine Science Center, rocky intertidal, tidal
Sea Grant Marine Careers Introduces a wide range of careers and contains interviews with people working in various marine fields. N N N Y 5-12 careers, marine careers, Sea Grant
Sea Grant: Nab the Aquatic Invader Students learn about aquatic invasive species and lock them up! N Y Y N 4-10 curricula, curriculum, game, invasive species, Sea Grant, Sea Grant: Nab the Aquatic Invader, virtual learning
Sea-Media Sea-Media provides links to current news items and to movies, books, art, music, and other media forms about diverse Pacific Northwest topics, many of which could be used in the classroom. N N Y N K-12 art, audio stories, blogs, books, Elwha dam, fish, games, Juan de Fuca Strait, killer whales, marine debris, marine mammals, movies, music, music video, Native Americans, ocean energy, oceanography, octopus, orcas, Pacific Northwest waters, photographs, pollution, Puget Sound, restoration, Salish Sea, salmon, Sea-Media, Sea Media, shellfish, storm water runoff, stormwater runoff, tribal, tsunamis, underwater wrecks, videos, whales
SEA: Service, Education & Adventure Includes classroom speakers, lesson plans & guidance on developing local marine science projects. Y Y Y N K-12 Adventure, boat, CEUs, day trip, Education, Education & Adventure, Education & Adventure, Education and Adventure, Field Activities, invertebrates, multi-day trip, navigation, online resources, overnight, plankton, Professional Development, sail, SEA, SEA: Service, Service, Service, Service, service learning, virtual learning, Whidbey Island
SeaPerch Work with your students to build an ROV to help them learn about marine robotics, engineering and technology. Online or on-site teaching training is available. National competition is in the spring. N N Y Y 6-12 buoyancy, displacement, electricity, engineering, naval architecture, Office of Naval Research, ONR, physical sciences, remotely operative vehicle, ROV, SeaPerch, Seaperch, SeaPerch Challenge, ship design, STEM, submarines, technology
Seattle Aquarium Offers speakers, camps, events, free programs and other marine science opportunities. Y N Y N K-6 beaches, coast, curricula, curriculum, EALRs, Field Activities, habitat, marine mammals, Professional Development, Puget Sound, salmon, Seattle, Seattle Aquarium, summer camps, virtual learning, whales
Seward Park Environmental & Audubon Center The center offers science and ecology education programs in the form of guided nature walks, field trips, in-class speakers and guidance on designing field investigations and learning projects. Y N Y N 3-12 aquatic, Audubon for Kids, chemistry, EALRs, ecology, ecosystem, Field Activities, human impacts, Lake Washington, nature walks, pollution, scholarships, Seattle, Seward Park Environmental & Audubon Center, stewardship, virtual learning, water, water cycle
Shadow of the Salmon Learn about Pacific Northwest Coastal Salish tribe's historical and environmental legacies through a 42-minute film and accompanying curriculum guide. N Y Y N 8 Boldt Decision, Chief Leschi, climate change, Coastal Salish, cultural, culture, curriculum, environmental, fish, forests, habitat restoration, hatcheries, hatchery, history, Hood Canal, hydropower, Native Americans, natural resource management, non-point pollution, non point pollution, nonpoint pollution, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, NWIFC, oil spills, Pacific Northwest, Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups, RFEG, Shadow of the Salmon, stewardship, stories, treaties, tribal, tribes, video, virtual learning
SMILE: Science and Math Informal Learning Educators Sponsored by science museums, SMILE compiles STEM activities in many topics. Search the site for marine-related activities appropriate to Washington. Log-in required; activities are free. N N Y N K-12 climate change, coastal, ecosystems, fish, freshwater, fresh water, general science, geology, habitats, How to Smile, invertebrates, mapping, marine, marine mammals, ocean, oceanography, plate tectonics, Science and Math Informal Learning Educators, seabirds, seafloor, seals, shipwrecks, SMILE, tides, virtual learning, water quality, watersheds, whales
Sound Salmon Solutions Discover many classroom and field activities on salmon, habitat restoration, watersheds and environmental stewardship. Y N Y N K-12 Arlington, curricula, curriculum, ecology, ecosystems, Edmonds, erosion, estuaries, estuary, Everett, Field Activities, fish, freshwater, Island County, Jones Creek Outdoor Learning Center, Jones Creek Stream Detectives, Lakewood, Marysville, Mukilteo, NERR, P.S.-I Love You, Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, plants, Puget Sound, River Stewards, salmon, Salmon Trunk, service learning, Snohomish, Sound Salmon Solutions, stewardship, Stillaguamish, stormwater pollution, streams, Tree Connections, tribes tribal, virtual learning, water quality monitoring, Watershed Detectives, Watershed Ecologists in Training, watersheds, WET, wetlands, WILD
South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group SPSSEG offers classroom speakers, online marine education links related to salmon restoration, field trips, a senior student scholarship and community events and festivals. Y N Y N K-12 Children's Water Fest, Children's Watershed Festival, Cool School Challenge, curricula, curriculum, dams, Deschutes River, EALRs, Field Activities, fish, games, Gig Harbor, habitat restoration, Kennedy Creek Salmon Trail, Nisqually, Olympia, Paul Ancich Memorial Scholarship, Pierce County, Puget Sound, Puyallup, RFEG, salmon, Sound Salmon Curriculum, South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group, SPLASH, SPSSEG, student scholarships, Tacoma, waterfest, watersheds
Spokane Aquifer Joint Board Go on virtual field trips of the Spokane aquifer and to learn about water conservation. N Y N N K-8 aquifer, conservation, EALRs, eastern Washington, pollution, Spokane, Spokane Aquifer Joint Board, stewardship, virtual field trips, virtual learning, water cycle, watershed
Tapteal Greenway Association Tapteal Greenway volunteers come to your classroom and/or lead field trips that concentrate on water quality, macro invertebrate, river ecosystem and salmon studies. Y N Y N K-12 at risk youth, Benton Conservation District, curricula, curriculum, environmental education, Field Activities, fish, insects, macroinvertebrates, Richland, riparian, salmon, Salmon in the Classroom, Salmon Summit, streams, Tapteal Greenway Association, water quality, Yakima River
Taylor Shellfish Farms Learn about shellfish farming and water quality in Puget Sound via interactive classroom visits and field trips to the processing facility and shellfish farms. Click on Contact Us for information. Y N N N K-12 Bow, clams, crabs, Dabob Bay Hatchery, Dosewallips, Eld Inlet, Field Activities, geoducks, mussels, Oakland Bay, oysters, recipes, Samish Bay, Shellfish Explorations, shellfish farming, Shelton, Skookum Inlet, Taylor Shellfish, Totten Inlet, Willapa Bay
Teachers' Domain Site is a free digital media service for teachers from public broadcasting and its partners. Find media resources, support materials, classroom lessons, and online professional development programs. N N Y Y K-12 digital media, general science, media resources, national, professional development, standards, state, Teachers' Domain, Teachers Domain, teaching and learning strategies, tutorials, videos, workshop guides
The Bridge Contains a wealth of free marine education resources from all over the world. N Y Y Y K-12 aquaculture, archaeology, biodiversity, biology, birds, careers, chemistry, coast, conservation, curricula, curriculum, deep sea, ecology, endangered species, fish, fisheries, funding, geology, invasive species, marine mammals, marine sciences, maritime, ocean literacy, ocean observing systems, ocean sciences, online activities, physics, Professional Development, research cruises, seabirds, stewardship, summer programs, The Bridge, turtles, virtual learning
The GENETICS Project Make a toothpick fish as a tool to learn genetics. N N Y N 6-9 curriculum, environmental science, fish, genetics, life cycle, pollution, The Genetics Project, virtual learning
Thurston County Environmental Education Guide Find a wealth of classroom and field activities offered by Thurston County and partners, most of which can be tailored to your classroom needs. Y N Y N K-12 aquifers, birds, Budd Inlet, coastal, EALRs, economy, estuaries, estuary, Field Activities, fish, freshwater, geoducks, groundwater, ground water, habitat, Healthy People, Healthy Water, history, Hood Canal, Lacey, marsh, migratory shorebirds, monitoring, Moxlie Creek, mussels, native plants, Nisqually Reach Nature Center, Nisqually Reach Wildlife Refuge, Nisqually River Education Project, nonpoint, NREP, Olympia, oysters, plankton, pollution, Project WET, Puget Sound, Quilcene, restoration, revegetation, riparian, rivers, salmon, seabirds, shellfish, Shelton, South Sound GREEN, stewardship, storm drains, streams, streamside planting, Stream Stewards, Thurston County Environmental Education Guide, Tumwater, virtual learning, Washington State Department of Ecology, wastewater, water quality, watersheds, wetlands, WET Science Center, Wild Salmon Education Trunk, Woodland Creek
TOPP: Tagging of Pacific Predators Follow tagged Pacific Ocean predators, many of whom swim off the coast of Washington, and learn about their migration routes and ecosystems. Live and archived data available. N Y N N K-12 Census of Marine Life, fish, marine mammals, migration, NOAA, satellite tracking, seabirds, seals, sea turtles, sharks, tagging, Tagging of Pacific Predators, TOPP, University of Washington, whales
Tri-State Steeheaders Salmon Enhancement Group Tri-State Steelheaders offers a water quality assessment program for several streams in the Walla Walla basin and Salmon in the Classroom. Y N Y N K-12 aquatic invertebrates, Asotin, Burbank, Clarkston, College Place, Field Activities, fish, habitat restoration, hydrology, Prescott, RFEG, salmon, Salmon in the Classroom, steelhead, stewardship, Touchet, Tri-State Steeheaders Salmon Enhancement Group, trout, virtual learning, Waitsburg, Walla Walla, water quality monitoring, Watershed Health Evaluation Program, watersheds, WHEP
University of Alaska Sea Grant Provides information about jobs and training in marine trades. N Y N Y 9-12 careers, industry, maritime, technology, University of Alaska Sea Grant
University of Delaware Sea Grant - Careers Includes links to information about careers in marine science. N Y N Y 6-12 engineering, marine science careers, maritime, Sea Grant, University of Delaware Sea Grant, vocational, women
University of Delaware Sea Grant - Education Y Y Y N multimedia resources, virtual field trips, virtual learning
University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory Schedule visit to the UW APL lab or request a scientist to come to your classroom; tours and lessons tailored to class needs. Y N N Y K-12 Applied Physics Laboratory, Arctic, climate change, engineering, Field Activities, ocean acoustics, physical oceanography, remote sensing, Seattle, tours, undersea technology, University of Washington, UW
University of Washington Department of Atmospheric Sciences Invite a graduate student in atmospheric sciences to talk in your classroom or judge a science fair, or travel to the UW campus for a tour of the labs and to talk with scientists at work. Y N Y Y 1-12 careers , Classroom Resources, climate change, School of Atmospheric Sciences, science fair judging, University of Washington, weather
University of Washington Program on Climate Change Provides speakers on climate change in the Pacific Northwest. Y N N N K-12 climate change, global warming, Program on Climate Change, University of Washington, UW, UW Program on Climate Change, UW Program on Climate Change
University of Washington Regional Scale Nodes Learn about the seafloor ocean observatory off the Pacific Northwest coast. N Y N N 6-12 black smokers, cabled observatory network, climate change, earthquakes, Juan de Fuca plate, marine sciences, Neptune, ocean acidification, ocean sciences, plate tectonics, Regional Scale Nodes, robots, seafloor, seafloor mapping, technology, tsunamis, tube worms, undersea volcanoes, underwater volcanoes, University of Washington, University of Washington Regional Scale Nodes, UW, UW Regional Scale Nodes, volcanoes
University of Washington School of Oceanography Build your own remotely operated vehicle. N N Y N 7-12 deep sea exploration, remotely operated vehicles, robot, ROV, School of Oceanography, underwater robot, University of Washington, University of Washington School of Oceanography, UW, UW School of Oceanography
University of Washington: Friday Harbor Labs Science Outreach Program UW program gives students in the San Juan Islands field, lab, classroom and shipboard marine science inquiry experiences that complement and enhance current science curriculum at area schools. Y N Y N K-12 cell diversity, coastal, DNA extraction, ecosystems, eelgrass, electrophoresis, Field Activities, fish, Friday Harbor Labs Science Outreach Program, geology, invasive species, invertebrates, Lopez Island, marine mammals, marine science, nearshore, oceanography, Orcas Island, plankton, plants, San Juan Islands, San Juan Nature Institute, shellfish, streams, University of Washington, water quality, watersheds, wetlands, whales
University of Washington: UW in the High School Become trained to teach the fundamentals of ocean and atmospheric science to your high school students; information on the site's home page. N N Y N 9-12 atmospheric sciences, climate change, coastal processes, currents, ecosystems, geology, high school, marine science, oceanography, ocean science, Professional Development, School of Oceanography, teach teachers, tides, University of Washington, UW, UW in the High School, UW School of Oceanography, waves
Vancouver Water Resources Education Center Through classroom visits and field trips, investigate the world of water: groundwater, surface water, aquatic ecosystems, drinking water, conservation and wastewater. Y Y Y N K-12 aquarium, aquatic ecosystems, art, clock hours, Columbia River, Columbia River, curricula, curriculum, drinking water, EALRs, Field Activities, fish, fish, GLEs, groundwater, groundwater, Lewis and Clark, Lewis and Clark, NatureMapping, Professional Development, salmon, service learning, sturgeon, surface water, tour, Vancouver, Vancouver Water Resources Education Center, virtual learning, WA, wastewater, water quality, water reclamation, watershed, Watershed Monitoring Network, wetlands
Washington Brant Foundation Provides speakers on the black brant and their habitat; live bird often visits classroom. Y N N N K-12 brant, estuaries, estuary, migratory birds, Mount Vernon, seabirds, Skagit County, Washington Brant Foundation, wildlife
Washington Department of Ecology Offers lesson plans and links to information and resources (including posters) on water quality, estuaries & climate change. N Y Y N K-12 aquifer, Classroom Resources, coastal atlas, Columbia River, curriculum, Department of Ecology, Discover Wetlands, EALRs, ecology, estuaries, estuary, Field Activities, groundwater, habitat restoration, habitats, Healthy Water Healthy People, human health, oil, online resources, Padilla Bay, pollution, posters, Professional Development, Project Wet, Puget Sound, salmon, Spokane, stormwater, virtual learning , Washington Department of Ecology, water conservation, water quality, watershed, watersheds, wetlands
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups Click on links to Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups (FEG) in your area to explore classroom and field trip opportunities. Y N Y N K-12 Aberdeen, Belfair, Bellingham, Cascade Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group, Chehalis Basin Fisheries Task Force, Field Activities, fish, Forks, habitat restoration, Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group, Lake Stevens, Lower Columbia Fish Enhancement Group, Mid-Columbia Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group, Mid-Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group, Mt. Vernon, Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association, North Olympic Salmon Coalition, Olympia, Pacific Coast Salmon Coalition, Port Hadlock, RFEG, salmon, Salmon in the Classroom, Seattle, Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group, Sound Salmon Solutions, South Bend, South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group, stewardship, Tri-State Steelheaders Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group, Vancouver, Walla Walla, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups, water quality monitoring, watersheds, Wenatchee, White Salmon, Willapa Bay Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group
Washington NatureMapping Learn about and collect data on diverse plants and animals in their respective ecosystems. Click on Educators for marine and freshwater modules. N Y Y N K-12 amphibians, biodiversity, birds, curricula, curriculum, diversity, ecosystems, estuaries, estuary, Field Activities, fish, habitats, mollusks, monitoring, Nature Mapping, NatureMapping, Professional Development, seabirds, Washington NatureMapping, Washington Nature Mapping, water quality, watershed, watersheds, wildlife
Washington Sea Grant Offers online marine education database and classroom support materials for marine activities. Y Y N N K-12 aquaculture, ballast water, coastal communities, Field Activities, fisheries, fishing vessel safety, Funding Sources, habitat restoration, invasive species, invertebrates, marine science, National Ocean Sciences Bowl, NOAA Science Camp, ocean literacy, ocean science, oil spills, Orca Bowl, Professional Development, seabirds, Sea Grant, technology, University of Washington, UW, Washington Sea Grant, water quality, workshops
Washington State LASER: Leadership and Assistance for Science Education Explores land and water interactions through lesson plans and activities. N N Y N 1-8 erosion, GLE, groundwater, LASER, rivers, run-off, streams, Washington State Leadership and Assistance for Science Education Reform, water cycle
Western Washington University; Shannon Point Marine Center University students teach marine science to students in the Anacortes area. Y N N N K-12 Anacortes, Bellingham, Field Activities, marine science, MIMSUP, minority, Multicultural Initiative in the Marine Sciences: Undergraduate Program, ocean science, Shannon Point Marine Center, Ship Harbor Interpretive Preserve, Western Washington University, wetlands
Whale Museum Explore the site to find information on adopting an Orca for your class, touring the museum, and finding classroom activities and field trips. Y Y Y N K-12 curricula, curriculum, Field Activities, Friday Harbor, Gray Whale Project, gray whales, hydrophone, killer whales, Lime Kiln Point State Park, marine mammals, museum, Orca, orca identification, Salish Sea, San Juan Islands, stewardship, underwater acoustics, whale, Whale Museum, whales
Whale Museum: SeaSound Project Listen to real-time and recorded vocalizations and watch videos of whales in the Salish Sea. N Y N N K-12 hydrophone, killer whales, Lime Kiln Point State Park, marine mammals, orcas, Salish Sea, San Juan Island, seals, Sea Sound Project, SeaSound Project, sound, underwater acoustics, underwater sound, virtual learning, vocalizations, Whale Museum, whales
WhaleNet Explore Pacific Northwest killer whale vocalizations and humpback whale feeding behavior, as well as other whale sounds. N Y Y N K-12 bioacoustics, feeding, humpback whales, killer whales, orcas, sounds, vocalizations, WhaleNet, whale sounds
Whidbey Watershed Stewards Learn about watersheds, salmon and your community. Y Y Y N K-5 culminating projects, curricula, curriculum, Field Activities, GLEs, salmon, service learning, South Whidbey, watersheds, Whidbey Island, Whidbey Watershed Stewards
Yakima Basin Environmental Education Program Click on About YBEEP/YBEEP Services and Curriculum/Information for guides on salmon life cycle and rearing in the classroom, field trips, trunk kits, and wildlife habitat presentations. Y N Y N K-12 Field Activities, fish, groundwater,storm drain marking, hatcheries, hatchery, salmon, Salmon in the Classroom, stewardship, stormwater, trunk kits, water quality, Yakima Basin Environmental Education Program, YBEEP