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Adopt A Classroom Register your classroom for adoption to obtain funding for projects or supplies.  Y N    N K-12 Adopt a Classroom, materials, project funding, supplies
Captain Planet Foundation Funds and supports hands-on projects that promote understanding of environmental issues.  N Y    N K-12 Captain Planet Foundation, environmental education
DoSomething,org Seed and growth money for community action projects designed and carried out by students. Individuals must be under 25 to apply.  N Y    N K-12 community projects, Do Something,, Do
Environmental Protection Agency Grants available to school districts and educator's not-for-profit organization for environmental projects. Individual teachers are not eligible.  Y Y    Y K-12 environmental education grants, Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, stewardship, tribal, tribes
Environmental Protection Agency: Five Star Restoration Program Provides grants, technical support and opportunities for information exchange to enable community-based restoration projects.  N Y    N K-12 environmental education, Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, EPA Five Star Restoration Program, habitat restoration, restoration projects, streams, wetlands
Environmental Protection Agency: President's Environmental Youth Awards (PEYA) Funding for projects developed by individuals or school classes to promote environmental stewardship.  N Y    N K-12 environmental education , Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, PEYA, President's Environmental Youth Awards
Environmental Protection Agency: Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators Financial award for professional development to teachers who employ innovative approaches to environmental education, and to education agency to fund teachers' environmental activities and programs.  Y Y    Y K-12 environmental education, Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, minorities, Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators, tribal, tribes, underrepresented, underserved
Fund for Teachers Grants for innovative self-designed projects across the globe.  N Y    Y K-12 fellowship, Fund for Teachers, international
ING Foundation Grants Offers grant opportunities and awards for innovative K-12 education projects.  Y Y    N K-12 community projects, diversity, ING Foundation Grant, multicultural, National Teacher of the Year, projects, Unsung Heroes Awards Program
Intel Schools of Distinction Apply for a Schools of Distinction Award for math & science exellence; also offers competitive scholarships for students.  Y Y    Y K-12 competition, funding, Intel Schools of Distinction, math, science, student scholarships
Lowe's Toolbox for Education Funding for school improvement projects such as landscaping, science labs, and parent and community education programs.  Y N    N K-12 community projects, facilities, facility, landscaping, Lowe's Toolbox for Education, projects, school improvement, science labs
Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Foundation Grants to facilitate development and implementation of environmental education curricula that integrate ecological principles and field activities.  Y Y    N K-12 ecology, Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Foundation, watershed, wetlands
National Environmental Education Foundation: Bartlett Award Monetary award to innovative teachers who integrate environmental education into their classrooms; self-nominations encouraged.  Y Y    N 5-12 Bartlett Award, National Environmental Education Foundation, National Environmental Education Foundation: Bartlett Award
National Environmental Education Foundation: Classroom Earth Professional development grants for teachers to take environmental education graduate courses and grants to students with creative ideas to fix an environmental problem in their school or community.  Y Y    Y K-12 Barlett Environmental Education Award, Classroom Earth, culturally diverse audiences, environmental education, Funding Sources, National Environmental Education Foundation, NEEF, Professional Development, underrepresented groups
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation: Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Grant Program Matching grants available in partnership with the NFWF and community members for stewardship and restoration of coastal, wetland and riparian ecosystems.  Y Y    Y K-12 coastal, conservation, ecosystem, education and training activities, environmental education, Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Grant Program, habitat restoration, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, pollution, riparian, stewardship, stormwater runoff, watersheds, wetlands, wildlife habitat
National Weather Association Grants for meteorology materials, equipment or projects, expanding an existing course, or for other weather-related programs.  Y Y    Y K-12 meteorology, National Weather Association, NWA, weather
NEA Foundation Apply for grants that support professional development, collegial study, and student academic achievement in inquiry and self-directed learning. Monetary awards for teaching excellence also offered.  Y Y    Y K-12 Awards for Teaching Excellence. academic achievement, classroom materials, equipment, Learning and Leadership Grants, NEA Foundation, scholars-in-residence, Student Achievement Grants, technology costs, transportation costs, travel
NOAA B-WET NOAA's environmental education funding program that promotes locally relevant K-12 experiential learning.  Y Y    Y K-12 B-WET, Bay Watershed Education & Training Program, Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences, MWEE, NOAA, watersheds
NOAA Environmental Literacy Grants for Formal K-12 Education Funding for school projects that relate to NOAA's mission in promoting ocean and climate literacy.   Y Y    Y K-12 climate change, environmental education , NOAA, NOAA Environmental Literacy Grants for K-12 Education, ocean literacy
North Cascades Institute Scholarships for teachers to attend programs at the North Cascade Institute Learning Center.  N Y    Y 4-12 environmental education, Field Activities, North Cascades Institute, Professional Development
Project Learning Tree Provides funding for environmental projects in your community or at your school.  Y Y    Y K-12 ecology, environmental education, erosion, fish, pollution , Project Learning Tree, wetlands
Salish Sea Expeditions Scholarships for low income students, logistical needs and more (clink on links on right).  Y Y    Y 5-12 at sea sampling, EALRs, Elliot Bay, Field Activities, field investigations, low income school funding, marine science, oceanography, ocean science, overnight, Professional Development, Puget Sound, research cruise, sail, Salish Sea, Salish Sea Expeditions, Seattle, stormwater, Tacoma
Scholastic: Lexus Eco Challenge Grants and scholarships awarded to develop and implement an environmental program that impacts your community.  Y Y    N 6-12 biodiversity, climate change, endangered species, environmental education, fisheries, Lexus Eco Challenge, maritime, pollution, renewable energy, Scholastic, Scholastic: Lexus Eco Challenge, shipping, tourism, water conservation, wetlands
School Kids Come First Submit a proposal to fund classroom projects and field trips.  Y Y    N K-12 project funding, School Kids Come First
Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge Students and teachers win scholarships and other prizes for creating community-based, energy-related environmental projects.  Y Y    N K-12 community projects, environmental education, Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge, sustainability, We Can Change the World Challenge
Target Grants to fund field trips, classroom materials and supplies. Fundraising tools also offered.  Y Y    N K-12 diversity, early childhood reading grants, fundraising tools, materials, multicultural, supplies, Target
The Bridge National site lists funding opportunities for classroom projects, professional development and field trips.  Y Y    Y K-12 Classroom Resources, Professional Development, The Bridge
The Canopy Fund Funding for school projects that provide outdoor learning opportunities.  N Y    N K-12 community projects, conservation, earth sciences, environmental education, minorities, outdoor education, stream, The Canopy Fund, Title 1, underprivileged, underrepresented, water
Toshiba America Foundation Grants for teachers for innovative math and science projects.  Y Y    N K-12 funding, math, projects, science, Toshiba America Foundation
Toyota International Teacher Program Apply for worldwide professional development opportunities on incorporating environmental education into your classroom.  N Y    Y 6-12 environmental education, international, Toyota International Teacher Program
Toyota TAPESTRY Grants for Science Teachers Grants for teachers with innovative science project ideas.  Y Y    Y K-12 community projects, curriculum development, minority students, multicultural, projects, technology, Toyota Tapestry Grants
United States Environmental Protection Agency Funding for environmental education projects.  Y Y    N K-12 environmental education, Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, projects, public awareness
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife: ALEA Grant Program Funding for projects that are beneficial to fish and wildlife, and are accessible to the public.  N Y    N K-12 ALEA, Department of Fish and WIldlife, habitat restoration, restoration projects, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife: ALEA Grant Program, wildlife habitat
Washington Foundation for the Environment Grants for middle and high school students' stewardship and environmental education projects.  N Y    N 6-12 community projects, environmental projects, service learning, stewardship, Washington Foundation for the Environment
Washington Sea Grant Apply for funding for marine-related activities for your students and you.  N Y    N K-12 aquaculture, ballast water, Classroom Resources, coastal communities, Field Activities, fisheries, fishing vessel safety, habitat restoration, invasive species, invertebrates, marine science, National Ocean Sciences Bowl, NOAA Science Camp, ocean literacy, ocean science, oil spills, Orca Bowl, Professional Development, seabirds, Sea Grant, technology, University of Washington, UW, Washington Sea Grant, water quality, workshops
World Water Monitoring Day Awards of water quality test kits and related materials for you and your classroom for participating in the World Water Monitoring Day program.  Y Y    N K-12 water monitoring, water quality, water resources, water test kits, World Water Monitoring Day, WWMD