Jackson Blalock

Community Engagement Specialist


As the environmental outreach specialist at Washington Sea Grant, Jackson assists coastal resilience efforts across Washington’s Pacific coast and southwest Washington’s estuaries. Jackson furthers adaptation to coastal hazards and changing environments through collaborative ecosystem-based management and by connecting local needs to funding, technical support and best practices. Prior to life in Washington, he assisted a network of award-winning community-driven resilience projects in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, including urban agriculture education hubs, runoff-neutral landscapes and cultural centers.

Jackson received a master’s degree in landscape architecture (University of Washington) and a bachelor’s degree in architecture (Clemson University).

Current Activities

Jackson serves as a coastal hazards-focused liaison between WA Sea Grant and WA Department of Ecology’s Shorelands and Environmental Assistance program.


WA Coastal Hazards Resilience Network: www.wacoastalnetwork.com