Nicole Faghin

Coastal Management Specialist



  • Coastal and shoreline management
  • Coastal planning
  • Coastal revitalization
  • Sea level rise and coastal hazard adaptation
  • Living shorelines
  • Shoreline regulations
  • Working waterfronts


For 30 years, Nicole Faghin has worked as a land use and environmental planner and lawyer specializing in coastal zone management and waterfront planning issues.  At Washington Sea Grant, Nicole focuses on alternative shoreline stabilization, coastal resiliency, and working waterfronts issues. Among her projects, Nicole helps local governments develop their capacity to address sea level rise. She also manages Green Shores for Homes, a multiagency effort to create a voluntary rating system for shoreline homeowners who want to support healthy marine ecosystems.  She is a member of the National Working Waterfront Network Policy Committee, the National Sea Grant Legal Network, and the Washington Chapter of the American Planning Association.

Previously, Nicole worked as an urban planning consultant focused on serving waterfront communities. Nicole has taught courses in urban planning at the University of Washington (UW) and at UW Tacoma. She has guest lectured for the UW School of Marine and Environmental Affairs and currently teaches for the Washington State Coastal Training Program. A LEED Accredited Professional, Nicole is a member of the University of Washington Department of Urban Design and Planning Professionals Council. She serves on the Washington State Coastal Training Program advisory committee. Nicole received a master’s in Urban Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a law degree from Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, Mass. A violinist with the Mukilteo Community Orchestra, she loves to hike, bike, kayak, and ski with her family and friends.

Nicole has collaborated with the American Shoreline Podcast Network through the National Working Waterfront Network to create the Working Waterfront Podcast. You can listen to one of their episodes here.




  • Hazard Preparedness Division Webinar Series on Sea Level Rise, 02/29/2020: Video
  • Localizing Sea Level Rise Projections for Decision Makers, 04/13/2020: Video
  • Understanding Sea Level Rise Webinar, 07/21/2020: Video