Paul Dye

Program Strategist




  • conservation
  • sustainable fisheries
  • coastal resiliency
  • oil spill risk reduction

Paul provides vision and leadership to implement a balanced program that addresses critical ocean and coastal issues for the people who live and work along Washington’s coasts and for people who rely on the state’s marine resources. He guides the outreach program, supervising and mentoring our outreach specialists, and liaising with outreach partners.

Paul has 30 years experience in the conservation field, spanning protection and restoration of bottomland hardwood forests, subtropical coral reefs, and marine habitats of the Pacific Northwest. For the past six years, he worked for The Nature Conservancy (Seattle office) as director of marine conservation for Washington.

Paul also chairs the Pacific Fishery Management Council’s Ecosystem Advisory Subpanel and, until recently, served on the Washington Marine Resources Advisory Council, which advises Governor Inslee’s office on ocean acidification.

Paul Dye photo