Discovery Bay, Washington has more tsunami deposits than anywhere else in the state.

View looking to the north at the head of Discovery Bay, WA
Studying tsunami deposits in the tidal marsh at the head of Discovery Bay.
Beds 1 (top light layer) and 2.  Bed 1 inferred to be from the 1700 CE Cascadia earthquake tsunami.  Bed 2 is about 600 years old, and may represent the penultimate Cascadia event.

Additional 7-10 deposits downsection.  Refinement of the published ages for the older deposits by Williams et al. (2005,

Historical tsunami flooding in 1964

(Above) Newspaper account of flooding of a residence (Right) at the head of Discovery Bay in 1964 from the Alaska tsunami. (Below) tsunami modeling of an Alaska tsunami at the location of the Bowman residence.