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The following shellfish and aquaculture publications are available from Washington Sea Grant and are listed here for convenience. To order a publication or search for others, see the Publications Database.

Aquaculture in Southeast Asia: A Historical Overview
Shao-Wen Ling
Technical and practical aspects of aquaculture as well as its biological, socioeconomic and political aspects. Exquisite pen and ink illustrations.
1977. 108 pp. Illustrations, tables, glossary, bibliography
ISBN 0-295-95563-5 -- $10

Aquaculture in Washington State
Alexander H. Bill and Terry Y. Nosho, editors
Provides an overview of the aquaculture industry in Washington and tells how various aquatic animals and plants are farmed.
1988. 6 pp. Illustrations, references
WSG-AS 88-5 -- 50 cents

Guide to Manila Clam Culture in Washington
Derrick R. Toba, Douglas S. Thompson, Kenneth K. Chew, Gregory J. Anderson, and Mark B. Miller
This guide covers Manila clam production from hatchery to harvest. This guide is tailored to the Pacific Northwest, but may be useful in other locations and for other clam species.
1992. 80 pp. Photographs, illustrations, tables, bibliography, appendices
WSG 92-1 -- $10

Hatchery Manual for Producing Triploid Oysters
Standish K. Allen, Jr., Sandra L. Downing and Kenneth K. Chew
University of Washington researchers developed a hybrid species of the West Coast oyster that has three chromosomes instead of the normal two. This manual provides an illustrated step-by-step approach to triploid oyster production.
1989. 27 pp. Illustrations, references
ISBN 0-295-77031-7 -- $8
Order from University of Washington Press

Heaven on the Half Shell: The Story of the Northwest's Love Affair With the Oyster
David G. Gordon, Nancy E. Blanton and Terry Y. Nosho
The true story of oyster farming in the Pacific Northwest.
2001. 160 pp. Illustrations, photographs and recipes
ISBN 1-55868-550-2 -- $21.95
Order from Washington Sea Grant Progam, Publications,

How to Force Feed Fish Larvae (video)
Robert R. Stickney, Ronald W. Hardy and Michael B. Rust
This video demonstrates a new technique for observing the digestive processes of individual fish larvae and illustrates microinjection of food into the gut of an anesthetized and immobilized fish larva.
1993. 13 minutes. VHS videotape
WSG-AV 93-1 -- $15

Marine Fish Culture and Enhancement Bibliography: Focus on Puget Sound
Robert R. Stickney, Ervin J. Schumacker and Michael B. Rust, editors
Contains information on marine fish species that may be suitable candidates for enhancement culture. Families covered include Hexagrammidae, Cottidae, Anoplopomatidae, Pleuronectidae, Scorpaenidae, and Embiotocidae.
1995. 50 pp. References, abstracts
WSG 95-02 -- $10

Marine Fish Culture and Enhancement, Conference Proceedings
Terry Y. Nosho and Kris Freeman, editors
Proceedings from an October 1993 workshop to consider 1) whether marine fish populations could be enhanced, 2) whether certain species could be cultured for the market, and 3) whether any existing marine hatcheries might serve as models for enhancement culture in Puget Sound, Washington.
1994. 64 pp. Summaries, abstracts, appendices
WSG-WO 94-1 -- $10

Mollusk Diseases: A Guide for the Shellfish Farmer
Ralph A. Elston
The diseases responsible for widespread mortality among shellfish often can be prevented or controlled. By learning about diseases and the aquaculture practices that inhibit or encourage them, shellfish farmers and hatchery managers can enhance productivity and profit.
1990. 73 pp. Bibliography, references
ISBN 0-295-97001-4 -- $9.95
Order from University of Washington Press

Mussel Aquaculture in Puget Sound
Douglas Skidmore and Kenneth K. Chew
Summarizes 10 years of mussel research at the University of Washington School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences.
1985. 57 pp. Tables, figures, references
WSG 85-4 -- $5

Pacific Coast Clam Fisheries
Timothy D. Schink, Katherine A. McGraw, and Kenneth K. Chew
Describes the Pacific Coast clam industry, particularly important in Washington where 95 percent of the West Coast commercial product is harvested.
1983. 72 pp. Maps, tables, bibliography, appendices
WSG 83-1 -- $4.50

Proceedings of the Seventh Conference for Shellfish Growers:Farming of Manila Clams and Other Selected Shellfish Species
Terry Nosho & Kris Freeman, Editors
Speakers from industry and academia cover many aspects of manila clam farming, from seed production to planting, grow-out and harvest.
WSG-WO 97-02 -- $5

Remote Setting and Nursery Culture for Shellfish Growers
Terry Y. Nosho and Kenneth K. Chew, conference organizers
With the advent of remote setting and nursery culture of oysters, seed producers and growers no longer have to ship seed on heavy cultch to the growout site; the tiny larvae themselves can make the journey, saving shipping and maintenance costs. The workshop record serves as a useful reference for growers, researchers and students.
1991. 68 pp. Illustrations, tables, appendices
WSG-WO 91-2 -- $9.95

Salmon Farming and Noxious Phytoplankton
Terry Nosho, editor, and Frieda B. Taub, chairman
Summary of a February 22-23, 1990, workshop at the University of Washington. Provides essential background information regarding blooms, species, and mitigation methods to help reduce fish loss from noxious phytoplankton blooms.
1990. 26 pp.
WSG-WO 90-2 -- $1.50

Bibliography  ·  Publications

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History of the Pacific Oyster Industry in Washington State. Terry Nosho. 1992. Unpublished paper. Washington Sea Grant Program

Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest. Thomas M. Niesen. 1997, Gulf Publishing Company.

The Eastern Oyster. Victor S. Kennedy, Roger I.E. Newell, Albert E. Eble, eds. 1996, Maryland Sea Grant College Program. UM-SG-TS-96-01

The Immigrant Oyster (Ostrea gigas). E.N. Steele. 1964. Warren's Quick Print, Olympia, Washington. (Click here for an online copy. Click here for photos from the book.) (If you need Acrobat Reader to read the pdf, it's free to download from here.)

The Rise and Decline of the Olympia Oyster. E.N. Steele. 1957, Olympia Oyster Growers Association. Fulco Publications, Elma, Washington.

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The Oyster Industry of Willapa Bay, Washington. Trevor Kincaid. 1951. University of Washington.

Shellfish & Seaweed Harvests of Puget Sound. Daniel P. Cheney and Thomas E. Mumford, Jr. 1986, Washington Sea Grant Program, University of Washington.

The Water Link: A History of Puget Sound as a Resource. Daniel Jack Chasan. 1981. Washington Sea Grant Program, University of Washington.

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