About Us


Washington Sea Grant (WSG) envisions healthy, productive and resilient coastal and marine ecosystems that sustain Washington’s rich cultural and maritime heritage, vibrant coastal communities, clean waters and beaches, prosperous fisheries and aquaculture, diverse wildlife and an engaged public.


The WSG mission is to help people and marine life thrive by supplying research, technical expertise and educational activities that support the responsible use and conservation of ocean and coastal ecosystems.


To accomplish its mission and achieve its vision, WSG adheres to a set of core values focused on excellence, equity, innovation and societal impact. It seeks to forge tools, foster insights, build capacity and maintain relationships for sustainable management, enjoyment and use of Washington’s marine resources.

WSG celebrates the diversity of people and the environment and the complex interactions between them.

Facilitating practical and collaborative solutions to today’s ocean and coastal issues, WSG serves as an unbiased broker of scientific and place-based information and real-world expertise that honors the history, people and places of Washington.

WSG endorses and is committed to pursuing activities that advance two cross-cutting principles within its core functions of research, outreach, education and communications: cultivating partnerships and practicing a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.


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Partnerships are a cornerstone of the Sea Grant model. WSG cultivates partnerships by valuing and engaging the priorities, expertise, capabilities, and participation of diverse partners. WSG collaborates with international, federal, tribal, state and local governments; local communities; businesses; people from academia; K-12 schools and nongovernmental organizations on a wide variety of marine-related research, engagement and education projects.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

To achieve organizational excellence, pursue its vision, and adhere to its mission, WSG maintains a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, by  pursuing diverse perspectives, and enhancing cultural understanding. WSG works to create equitable access to resources and opportunities for Washington’s diverse communities and seeks to incorporate their voices and priorities. WSG’s values are informed by environmental justice and are based in a culture of inclusion, respect, long-term engagement and accountability.

WSG’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion shapes the organization and its investments, practices and social interactions. Specifically, WSG strives to:

  • create a welcoming environment, so that each person feels accepted, valued and safe;
  • build community and learn from each other, honoring differences in background, experience, skills, interests and values;
  • ensure the right of all people to live and work in a clean environment;
  • address root causes of unequal exposure to environmental hazards, and eliminate disparities in access to natural resources, opportunities and decision-making processes; and
  • nurture an atmosphere that encourages open, honest and respectful exchanges.