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US Coast Guard has joined forces with WSG to distribute small oil spill kits.


WSG and U.S. Coast Guard Launch Campaign to Reduce Small Oil Spills

This summer, WSG staff and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary will kick off a small oil spill campaign to give away free clean up kits at vessel safety inspections.


Update from NOAA Camp 2015

Read what one parent said about this year’s wildly popular NOAA Science Camp, where middle schoolers learn about marine science and high school students gain leadership and teaching experience.


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The European green crab, an invasive species in Washington, is the focus of a WSG monitoring program.



How Safe Are Your Shellfish? How Clean is Your Well Water?

August 2: One date remains for waterfront property owners to test their shellfish and well owners to test their water quality for contaminants.



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