A leader in research, outreach, and education for more than 40 years, Washington Sea Grant helps people to understand and address the challenges facing Washington’s oceans and coasts.




2015 Presidential Migratory Bird Stewardship Award

WSG is among the recipients of the recent 2015 Presidential Migratory Bird Stewardship Award. Learn more about the winning project.



Teri King Wins Outstanding Community Impact Award

WSG’s Teri King has won the 2014-15 UW College of the Environment’s Outstanding Community Impact Award.



New Developments in Tracking Harmful Algae

Researchers with WSG funding are shedding light on harmful algae behavior and finding innovative ways to detect and predict poisonous blooms.



Geoduck Research Update

The April 2015 Journal of Shellfish Research features six articles by WSG-funded researchers studying aspects of Pacific Northwest geoduck.



gullLodenSThe Coast Nerd Gazette



Sea Life




How Safe Is Your Shellfish? How Clean is Your Well Water?

Saturday, May 17, is the first of four dates for waterfront property owners to test their shellfish and well owners to test their water quality for contaminants.


Upcoming Workshops

WSG offers workshops on topics including vessel safety, maintenance, and operations, covering marine refrigeration, corrosion, diesel engine troubleshooting, computers, and navigation.



Current Opportunities

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