Local Activities

Beach Walks

Jeff Adams, Marine Ecologist and Teri King, Marine Water Quality Specialist

Daytime and evening guided tours throughout the year with WSG specialists provide opportunities to enrich your shoreline experience and learn about Salish Sea oceanography, marine invertebrates, plants, seaweeds, and conservation.

For schedules or to arrange a special session contact Teri King  at wsgcanal@uw.edu or Jeff Adams at jaws@uw.edu.

Fairs and Festivals: Tideflat Tours and Touch Tanks

Teri King, Marine Water Quality Specialist

Throughout the summer WSG staff participate in a variety of marine themed fairs and festivals around Washington. ShellFest events are conducted in coordination with Washington State Parks as part of the Washington Shellfish Initiative.

The annual Hama Hama Oyster Rama is an oyster-themed family event with tideflat tours offered by WSG to benefit the Hood Canal School.

Kids’ Day

Teri King, Marine Water Quality Specialist

Kids’ Day at OysterFest is held the last Friday in September every year, just before Oysterfest. Kids’ Day provides students a unique opportunity to learn about the world they live in and how to protect and care for the environment and themselves, while having fun.
Up to 500 fourth grade students in Mason County participate in hands-on activities that focus on quality, pollution prevention, marine animals, boating safety, and more. Kid’s Day is presented by WSG and the Skookum Rotary Foundation. For more information visit Kids’ Day.

Kitsap Water Festival

Jeff Adams, Marine Ecologist

The Kitsap Waters Festival is an annual event in mid-spring that brings together educators on the Kitsap Peninsula and beyond.  Nearly 1,000 Kitsap fourth graders, their teachers, and parents learn about a wide variety of water-related topics.
WSG has supported the Kitsap Water Festival as a sponsor and by providing activities and presenters since the Festival’s inception. To learn more contact Jeff Adams at jaws@uw.edu.

River and Ocean Film Festival

Ian Miller, Coastal Hazards Specialist, Olympic Peninsula

The River and Ocean Film Festival is presented each year by Washington Sea Grant and partners and offers film explorations of our regional rivers and oceans. The films highlight the beauty and opportunity of this region and the issues facing its marine and freshwater habitats.
The event is held at Washington at the Rainforest Arts Center in Forks, Washington and includes a community-wide beach BBQ. If you miss the festival, you can visit our archive and select those films that are online. For more information, see the River and Ocean Film Festival webpage.

Whatcom Water Weeks

Sue Blake, Water Resource Faculty

Whatcom Water Weeks is a two week-long event for all ages each fall that celebrates north Puget Sound water resources. Businesses, non-profit organizations, and community groups come together to celebrate the importance of water, share information about the state of the resource.
The program offers stewardship opportunities and expands awareness and appreciation of our marine and fresh water resources, and the role water plays in our lives. Whatcom Water Weeks is organized by the Whatcom Watershed Information Network (WWIN) and supported by WSG as a sponsor and presenter.