Aquatic Invasive Species Toolkit

Non-native plants and animals are continuously being introduced into aquatic systems. A small number will thrive, threatening personal property, livelihoods, coastal habitats and native aquatic life.

Understanding the pathways by which aquatic invasive species (or AIS) can arrive in our waters allows citizens and students to do their part to minimize the impacts of established AIS. An informed and educated public is the cornerstone for effective prevention and control of AIS. WSG provides a tool kit of drawings and materials for recognizing AIS along our shorelines. If you are interested in obtaining a kit, please contact Jeff Adams at

Kitsap K-12 Enrichment Opportunities

Kistap Beach Naturalists are available to lead or participate in school field trips and classroom visits. If you’re an interested teacher, please contact Jeff Adams at to discuss the possibility of doing a field trip.

Kitsap Beach Naturalist Beach Walk