Advisory CommitteeKingfisher

The WSG Advisory Committee provides general program oversight, direction, and advice. The Committee was established in August 2006 with stakeholders and federal and state partners, as well as two ex-officio members. The committee has expanded in recent years to include a broad reprerentation of stakeholders in our marine community.

Dale Beasley
Coalition of Coastal Fisheries
Pacific County Marine Resource Committee
Columbia River Crab Fishermen’s Association

Mike Doherty
Commissioner (retired)
Clallam County Board of Commissioners

Ed Johnstone
Fisheries Policy Spokesperson
Quinault Indian Nation

Jim Kropf

Natural Resources Program Leader
Washington State University Extension

Brian Lynn
Coastal & Shorelands Section
Washington Department of Ecology

Peter Philips
Philips Publishing Group

Bradley F. Smith, PhD
Fish & Wildlife Commission
Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

Dan Swecker
Executive Director
Washington Fish Growers Association

Jacques White, PhD
Executive Director
Long Live the Kings

Ex-Officio Members

W. Russell Callender
Washington Sea Grant

Lisa J. Graumlich, PhD
College of the Environment, University of Washington