Ocean Acidification Outreach and Education Resources

This page houses Washington Sea Grant’s collection of resources for Ocean Acidification Outreach and Education where you can view or download videos, presentations, demonstration protocols, handouts, and other classroom resources.

Simple OA Demos You Can Do (Almost) Anywhere with (Almost) No Budget

Videos featuring WSG Ocean Acidification specialist Meg Chadsey explaining how to perform OA demonstrations suitable for general audiences and grades 8 through 12. The video introduction provides some basic information about OA chemistry; the four demonstrations each teach a key concept about OA and it’s consequences for marine life.

OA Demonstrations — Video Introduction

Background information for educators, communicators and their audiences. 20 minutes

OA Demonstrations — Powerpoint Introduction

Slide version of the video introduction — slide notes include additional background information and links. 10 Powerpoint slides

A Tale of Two Acids video

Compare what happens when a familiar acid (lemon juice) and an acidifying gas (carbon dioxide) are added to a pH indicator solution. 9 minutes

A Tale of Two Acids Protocol  pdf document

Hold Your Breath video

Participants experience how a relatively small decrease in seawater pH can have a big impact on living organisms. 10 minutes

Hold Your Breath Protocol pdf document

Shells on Acid video

Illustrates why organisms with calcium carbonate shells and skeletons are vulnerable to ocean acidification. 12 minutes

Shells on Acid Protocol pdf document

Crossing Thresholds video

Why marine organisms can tolerate variability, but still be vulnerable to ocean acidification. 7 minutes

Crossing Thresholds Protocol pdf document

Ocean Acidification in Washington State

Suitable for readers with 8th grade level science literacy. 2-page pdf document

20 Facts About Ocean Acidification

Suitable for readers with college level science literacy. 2-page pdf document

Ocean Acidification in the Pacific Northwest 

Suitable for readers with college level science literacy. 2-page pdf document

A Tale of Two Stressors—Ocean Acidification in a Warming World

Case study lesson about the combined impacts of OA and increasing ocean temperatures on mussels in the Pacific Northwest. Suitable for middle and high school classrooms. 5-page pdf document with links to external media resources.