Finding Common Ground

Communicating across borders to restore the Salish Sea

Tribal and non-tribal students co-create digital stories regarding topics such as tribal sovereignty, fishery treaty rights, and tribally-led environmental restoration.

Principal Investigator

Patrick Christie, University of Washington, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs

Co-Principal Investigators

Francesca Hillery, Frogfoot Communications LLC

Jonathan Warren, University of Washington, Jackson School of International Studies

John Weller, SeaLegacy


Through this project, tribal and non-tribal youth collaboratively created digital stories around the following themes: tribal sovereignty, fishery treaty rights, tribally-led environmental protection and restoration policies in Puget Sound, student intercultural communication experiences, and the future of Puget Sound restoration. The researchers aimed to improve intercultural communication and collaboration and build long-lasting alliances between participants.

Tribal youth and University of Washington students created three digital stories and a video documenting the behind-the-scenes bonds fostered. The students created accompanying music scores with Indigenous musicians and shared their work at two events and in other venues.