Local Adaptation and Seasonal Distribution of Puget Sound Herring Stocks

Researchers sequence the Puget Sound herring genome to study the species’ distribution and look for signs of local adaptation.

Principal Investigator

Lorenz Hauser, University of Washington, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

Co-Principal Investigators

Dayv Lowry, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Todd Sandell, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife


Puget Sound herring continue to decline, and longevity of the resource will require careful resource management, conservation and restoration—work that requires additional understanding of species populations. The project examines molecular genetic evidence for local adaptation of Puget Sound herring populations by resequencing entire genomes for six stocks. Genetic markers will be used to establish geographic and temporal distribution of genetically distinct populationsoutside their spawning season. The new information will allow resource managers to better identify causes for specific population declines, anticipate future threats and adjust management strategies to protect population diversity.