Kids’ Day Presenters

Set Up/Take Down of Displays or Activities

All stations/displays must be ready no later than 8:30 AM on Friday morning. Some displays may be set up on Thursday afternoon by arrangement only. Please contact Teri King (, 360.432.3054, to find out where your station will be and to make sure that we will be available to let you into the building or area for your station. No vehicles are allowed to enter or leave the grounds between 8:50 AM and 3 PM on Friday for the safety of students.

and T-shirts

All presenters must sign in upon arrival. You will be given a commemorative t-shirt. Coffee, tea and donuts will be available.


Plenty of free parking is available just outside the main grounds gate. No parking is available inside the gate after the event begins, unless your vehicle is necessary as part of your display.

Session Length

Up to twenty groups of 10–24 students will rotate through your station, ten in the morning (9–11:30 AM) and ten in the afternoon (12–2:30 PM). Please prepare a 12-minute presentation. If the presentation is shorter, be ready to answer questions or otherwise entertain the students until the “station-rotation” horn blows. Please do not run longer than 12 minutes—students must move to the next station when the horn blows!


Lunch for all Kids’ Day volunteers will be served in the volunteer tent at 11:30 AM. Coffee and tea will also be available all day.

Dress for the Weather

Because your station may be in an open-air building, tent or outdoors, you are strongly urged to be prepared for any type of weather and to stand on a hard surface for most of the day.