WSG celebrates Seafood Month

October, 2018

This month, Washington Sea Grant joins in on Seafood Month celebrations with weekly stories from our programs that support fisheries, aquaculture and the people who are at the center of them.

Week One: Fisheries and People 

The theme of the week is fisheries and people. Read about WSG’s partnership with Olympic Coast tribes to study their social and ecological vulnerabilities to ocean acidification: 

Week Two: Seafood Safety

In honor of this week’s theme – seafood safety – read about the ...

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Sustainable shellfish aquaculture in Washington

September 27, 2018

As demand for seafood continues to increase, how can we sustainalby grow Washington’s shellfish farming industry? If more tideland is used for aquaculture, can it still serve as habitat for intertidal species? With funding from Washington Sea Grant, The Nature Conservancy in Washington is investigating these questions.

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SeaFeast Festival Connects Community to Fishing Industry

October 1, 2016

“When we appreciate and understand all of the benefits of our locally produced seafood, we’ll be motivated to ensure that future generations can enjoy them as well.”– Deb Granger, SeaFeast General Manager

The first inaugural SeaFeast event in Bellingham aimed to introduce the community to the thriving, but little-known seafood industry and culture of Bellingham Bay.

To that end, organizers of Bellingham SeaFeast 2016 unveiled a variety of events, including seafood sampling, boat rides on Bellingham Bay, cooking demonstrations, contests and ...

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Governor Launches 2nd Phase of Washington Shellfish Initiative

January 20, 2016

Governor Jay Inslee announced the second phase of the Washington Shellfish Initiative, a partnership of local, state, and federal partners from government, business, tribes, and nonprofit groups. The Initiative’s efforts to tackle pollution in Puget Sound and coastal waters have successfully led to the reopening of shellfish beds and, through a new shellfish restoration hatchery, native shellfish restoration efforts are growing. Washington’s $184 million shellfish industry supports approximately 2,700 jobs.

Leaders from the partnership convened at the National Fish & ...

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Gear, Not Geoducks, Impacts Ecosystem If Farming Increases

October 25, 2015

The equipment used to farm geoducks, including PVC pipes and nets, might have a greater impact on the Puget Sound food web than the addition of the clams themselves.

That’s one of the findings of the first major scientific study to examine the broad, long-term ecosystem effects of geoduck aquaculture in Puget Sound, published in the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea’s Journal of Marine Science.

The study also found that under one scenario, geoduck farming ...

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