27th Conference for Shellfish Growers Agenda

First convened by WSG in 1991, the Conference for Shellfish Growers brings together shellfish producers, researchers, students and managers from the Pacific Northwest to discuss pressing issues and relevant research on aquaculture. We look forward to another engaging and insightful conference this year.


March 1, 2021

8:30 am Welcome

  • Washington State Support for the Shellfish Industry During Pandemic COVID19 Outbreak.
  • NOAA Response to COVID-19 and the Seafood Industry.
  • Long Term Effect of Climate Change: Emerging HAB Hot Spots.
  • Advancing the science and management of invasive European green crab in Washington Waters. Washington Coast Shellfish Aquaculture Study: Process and Progress.
  • Skokomish Clam and Oyster Restoration Project 2016-2020.
  • Engineering Solutions to Burrowing Shrimp: Biodegradable Mat Feasibility and Costs.

Lunch Break

1:30 pm afternoon talks

  • Updates from the WDFW Shellfish Disease Prevention Program.
  • Pacific Oyster Summer Mortality in British Columbia, Canada Pacific Oyster losses and seed limitations on the US West Coast.
  • Skinny Oysters Sometimes Die: Ocean and Estuarine Conditions Influence Pacific Oyster Condition and Spawning in Willapa Bay.
  • Heaven on the Half Shell: An Updated Account of the Shellfish Industry in the Pacific Northwest.

4 pm Adjourn

March 2 – Polydora mudworm workshop 9 am to 11 am. (separate free registration required)