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Tunneling Clams Make Art Out of Driftwood

Ever wonder what caused those holes in the wood you find on the beach? Check out this article on clam wood, with quotes from Washington Sea Grant’s Marine Ecologist Jeff Adams.

Guarding Against Green Crabs

WSG scientists call upon citizens to monitor Puget Sound beaches for invasive European green crab. Local papers help get the word out.

Kudos to Soap Lake High School Team

Washington’s Soap Lake High School won first place in their division of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl 2016 “Living on the Ocean Planet” video contest. This same team made a good showing at WSG’s annual Orca Bowl competition.

Where Are They Now?

WSG highlights past fellows as part of the 50th anniversary of the National Sea Grant College Program. Find out where a few of those fellows are today.


July 23

Shellfest 2016 in Hood Canal

Celebrate South Hood Canal’s rich shellfish heritage. Enjoy a day filled with activities including beach walks led by Washington Sea Grant’s Marine Water Quality Specialist Teri King.

July 24

State of the Oyster Study

The public is invited to take a look at bacterial contamination on their privately owned beaches in Hood Canal and throughout Puget Sound. Additional dates: July 24 and August 28.

July 24

Keep Your Well Water Safe

Coordinated by WSG, the Well Education and Testing program helps you evaluate the health of your well and keep your drinking water safe. Additional dates: July 24 and August 20.


Hershman Marine Policy Fellowship

For one year, fellows are teamed with mentors in host office in Olympia, Tacoma or Seattle, working on ocean and coastal science and management issues.

Program Development

WSG sets aside a portion of its federal budget for small grants that allow timely responses to new or changing needs and provide the capacity to plan and begin implementation in emerging program areas.


WSG News Blog

Read about recent research, education, and outreach activities on our WSG news blog.

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