Workshop 1 – Washington Coast Shellfish Aquaculture Study

Information Needs

The goals of Workshop 1 were to: (1) advance a shared understanding among scientists, resource managers and shellfish farmers of how the ecosystems of Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor function, with particular attention to interactions among shellfish aquaculture, eelgrass and burrowing shrimp; and (2) identify and prioritize remaining information needs going forward.

Day 1

Welcome - WA Coast Shellfish Aquaculture Study Workshop #1

Paul Dye, Russell Callender, and Jennifer Hennessey

Overview - WA Coast Shellfish Aquaculture Study Workshop #1

Paul Dye

Viewing Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor as social-ecological systems

Chris Harvey

The influence of burrowing shrimp on estuarine ecosystems

Katrin Berkenbusch

Nearshore ecosystems: interactions of shellfish aquaculture with species and habitat

Beth Sanderson

Spartina in Willapa Bay

Kim Patten

Bivalve filtration and carrying capacity

Thomas Guyondet

What's in the water and where does it go?

Jennifer Ruesink

The effects of estuarine climate on Pacific oyster growth and condition in Willapa Bay

Brett Dumbauld

Day 2

Burrowing shrimp population dynamics and the challenge of predicting an unpredictable future

Katelyn Bosley

Two perspectives on integrated management of burrowing shrimp: Applicable or not?

Steve Booth

Burrowing shrimp management: A grower's perspective

David Beugli

Life history and ecology of burrowing shrimp in US Pacific coast estuaries

Brett Dumbauld

Prioritization of Needs Process

Jackson Blalock (presented at a webinar held on October 18, 2019)