Laying the Groundwork to Advance the Practice of Sustainable Seaweed Farming 

Washington Sea Grant and partners developed seaweed farming trainings and identified research and stakeholder needs.

Washington Sea Grant PIs

Meg Chadsey, project lead

Teri King, co-PI


Joth Davis, Hood Canal Mariculture

Betsy Peabody and Jodie Toft, Puget Sound Restoration Fund

Seaweed Hub Network: Anoushka Concepcion, Connecticut Sea Grant (lead); Gabriela Bradt and Michael Chambers, New Hampshire Sea Grant; Antoinette Clemetson, New York Sea Grant; Melissa Good, Alaska Sea Grant; Stephanie Otts, National Sea Grant Law Center; Josh Reitsma, Woods Hole Sea Grant; Dawn Kotowicz, Rhode Island Sea Grant; Jaclyn Robidoux, Maine Sea Grant


Connecticut Sea Grant, in partnership with Washington Sea Grant and the other above state programs, proposed to establish a National Sea Grant Seaweed Hub. The topic-based Hub would serve as a central clearinghouse for available science-based, non-proprietary, practical resources related to previous and current seaweed aquaculture research and extension efforts. The Seaweed Hub would enable Sea Grant programs as well as federal and state agencies to access current information to guide their own planning and outreach efforts. The establishment of the Seaweed Hub could also provide seaweed aquaculture stakeholders with the information they need to make better informed decisions.

Research Updates


Although the U.S. seaweed industry is still fledgling, it has tremendous growth potential due to clean waters and hospitable conditions that support abundant primary production. interest in kelp farming is growing by leaps and bounds in Washington State, and enthusiastic would-be practitioners are jostling to enter the industry without adequate understanding of operational and regulatory requirements. This project will advance the practice of seaweed farming in Washington by 1) Developing and delivering an effective training program for potential farmers, and 2) Identifying research and stakeholder needs for growth of seaweed aquaculture.

Results Thus Far

The research team held a Seaweed Farming Introductory Workshop in November 2019 and a Seaweed Farming Intensive Training Workshop in February 2020.