West Coast Sustainable Aquaculture Hub

West Coast Aquaculture Collaborative

Washington Sea Grant, Oregon Sea Grant and California Sea Grant form a collaborative hub to promote sustainable aquaculture on the West Coast.

Project Lead

Russell Callender, Washington Sea Grant

Co-Project Leads

David Hansen, Oregon Sea Grant

Theresa Talley, California Sea Grant


Washington Sea Grant, Oregon Sea Grant, and California Sea Grant propose to form a collaborative unit to engage science and education partners, industry and resource management agencies in tackling complex, region-scale barriers to sustainable aquaculture on the West Coast. The operational approach is to launch the collaborative by participating in a pilot project that addresses an urgent need in shellfish aquaculture and builds on the collective strengths of the programs and partners. Outcomes of the three-year effort will include an effective collaborative structure, enhanced program capacity in two states, the completed pilot project, and scoping information and lessons learned to apply to future projects, as well as advanced oyster and clam aquaculture practices developed to address interactions specifically around eelgrass and burrowing shrimp challenges. If the pilot project is successful, it will represent progress toward a novel, replicable approach to other complex issues.