Outreach, Marine and Coastal Planning

Training and Professional Development for Shoreline and Coastal Planners

Nicole Faghin, Coastal Management Specialistt


Communities, nongovernmental organizations and coastal businesses in Western Washington need information to help them prepare for future coastal issues. WSG meets this need by providing training, outreach, networking opportunities and technical assistance to shoreline and coastal planners. Working with the Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology), WSG established and will continue to support the Shoreline and Coastal Planners Group (SCPG), providing regular opportunities for coastal professionals to discuss policy concerns, new technologies, emerging issues and other relevant topics.

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WSG maintains the SCPG email list and website, coordinates regular group meetings, facilitates new partnerships and provides a network for exchanging technical information. WSG also coordinates and presents a broad range of full-day training sessions for professionals working with Ecology’s Coastal Training Program.

Examples of past training topics include:

  • “How to Administer Development Permits in Western Washington’s Shorelines,”
  • “Presentation Skills for Scientists and Public Officials,” and
  • “Climate Change Series.”


Contact Nicole Faghin at faghin@uw.edu.