Outreach, Marine and Coastal Planning

Working Waterfronts and Waterways

Nicole Faghin, Coastal Management Specialist

Working waterfronts contribute to local economies and enrich Washington’s cultural and social heritage. But shoreline-dependent industries, government agencies, native tribes and the public struggle to gain access to shorelines, waterways and waterfronts. The past decade has brought notable, accelerating conversion of valuable waterfront real estate, with negative socioeconomic and environmental effects. WSG works with stakeholders in Washington and across the nation along with other Sea Grant programs to promote the best uses of working waterfronts.
WSG is a member of the National Working Waterfront Network and works with the Washington Public Ports Association and other community-based maritime efforts to develop and maintain a Washington network. WSG actively supports efforts to strengthen maritime workforce capacity in the state working collaboratively with a coalition of public and private maritime education and training providers and industry representatives.

WSG hosted the 2013 National Working Waterfronts and Waterways Symposium in Tacoma and the Coastal Management Specialist was a member of the steering committee for the 2015 symposium.