Crab Team Coastal Monitor Toolbox

Two people squat on a tide flat, looking into a white bin with a Crab Team sticker on it, at crabs captured in a trap.In 2020, in response to dramatic increases in green crab in coastal estuaries, Crab Team partnered with tribes, agencies, and shellfish growers to expand the systematic monitoring efforts piloted along inland shorelines. These “sentinel sites” don’t serve the early detection function of inland sites, but trapping and molt surveys are identical to those sites. This expanded Crab Team network will allow for direct comparison of green crab populations over space and time, as well as what makes ecological communities more susceptible, or resilient, to green crabs and their impacts. Coastal monitoring extends from Cape Flattery south through Willapa Bay. Below are some tools of the trade. Reach out to Crab Team staff with questions.

Coastal Monitoring Tools

Coastal Monitoring Map

A map of the current coastal monitoring sites.