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Washington Sea Grant’s Crab Team was launched in 2015, in response to a Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) mandate to monitor for European green crabs along inland Washington shorelines. By using citizen science, we are achieving a much greater scale of monitoring than would otherwise be possible, and expanding what we know about the community of organisms that lives in salt marshes and pocket estuaries. Crab Team has two main goals:

  1. Detect European green crab at the earliest possible stage of invasion to increase the ability to control population and reduce green crab impacts.
  2. Build a long-term dataset on green crab and other mobile organisms living in soft sediment habitats to improve the understanding of Washington’s pocket estuaries and salt marshes, and track green crab impacts.

First Detector Training Webinar

Learn more about the European green crab threat and how Crab Team is working to address it in the First Detector webinar, which summarizes the history of and local response to European green crab in the Salish Sea.

Crab Team Staff

Jeff Adams

Washington Sea Grant

Marine Ecologist


Emily Grason

Program Lead

Washington Sea Grant

Marine Ecologist


Elyse Kelsey

Washington Sea Grant

Crab Team Student Assistant


Kate Litle

Washington Sea Grant

Deputy Director


P. Sean McDonald

Co-Principal Investigator

Program on the Environment

School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences


Ben Rubinoff

Washington Sea Grant

Crab Team Postdoctoral Fellow


Zach Bengtsson

Washington Sea Grant

Crab Team Student Assistant


Lisa Watkins

Washington Sea Grant

Community Science Specialist


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