Pumpout Washington – New Videos to Help Boaters Pumpout

If you are a boater who hasn’t been out on the water for a while, or if you are new to boating entirely, here are some videos to remind everyone of the importance of proper sewage disposal while on the water. Pumpout Washington is a program which provides boaters with designated pumpout stations to dispose of their sewage safely and efficiently. We all share these waters, and get our food from them, so remember, pump- don’t dump!

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First pumpout station in two decades opens on Orcas Island

May 6, 2018

Aaron Barnett, WSG Boating Program Specialist


Just in time for summer boating season, the first pumpout station in the San Juan Islands in nearly 20 years is up and running at West Beach Resort on Orcas Island. The new pumpout site is the only one on the north side of the island, and boaters heading to or from remote places such as Sucia Island or Canada can easily stop in and use the free ...

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