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Washington Recreational Boat Fleet

Boat Sales and Changing Vessel Characteristics
Aaron Barnett, Boating Program Specialist


The marina industry and state marine recreation agencies and consultants need accurate, geographically-specific recreational boat fleet information to respond to changing vessel moorage and sanitation needs. Boat dealers and yacht brokers need similar, timely information about the characteristics of vessels that are sold in order to adjust business plans and inventories.

WSG offers a unique service to Washington’s boating industries and government marine recreation agencies by providing an annual fleet summary and quarterly sales reports not available anywhere else. The data include fleet size, value, age and geographic distribution across the state, and vessel characteristics, such as hull materials, boat types and length classes. In addition, sales are tabulated in units sold and dollar value.

Washington Sea Grant provides this service by analyzing weekly boat sales and annual fleet characteristics derived from Washington Department of Licensing raw titling and registration data. The boat sales reports and annual fleet summary are posted on the WSG website and shared with the Northwest Marine Trade Association.