Funding Opportunities

Washington Sea Grant offers the following opportunities for project funding:

Current Funding Opportunities

Research projects

WSG supports marine research and education through a request for funding proposal (RFP) every two years. Investigators at academic, education, and research institutions throughout the state of Washington are invited to apply.

Program development

WSG sets aside a portion of its federal budget for small Program Development grants that allow timely responses to new or changing needs with the capacity to plan and begin implementation in emerging program areas. The grants address problems and opportunities that further the WSG mission, but which may not be readily identified during the regular four-year planning and budgeting cycle or fit into the competitive research project selection cycle. While there are no fixed limits on support available, funding generally ranges from $1,000 to $25,000.


At the discretion of the Director, WSG funds may be available to sponsor conferences, workshops, and events that further the mission of WSG. While there are no fixed limits on support available for sponsorships, funding generally ranges from $50 to $2,500, while larger requests may be considered.

National strategic investments

WSG periodically hosts special competitions, which have included the The National Sea Grant College Program, and established a series of National Strategic Investments (NSIs) that complement the strategic objectives of the state Sea Grant programs.

For fellowship funding opportunities, visit Fellowships.