Crab Team Reports

Range Expansion Publication

January, 2018 – Crab Team’s first peer-reviewed publication, documenting the first European green crab confirmed on the Salish Sea shorelines of Washington State.

Citation: Grason EW, PS McDonald, J Adams, K Litle, JK Apple, A Pleus (2018) Citizen science program detects range expansion of the globally invasive European green crab in Washington State (USA)Management of Biological Invasions. Vol 9 (1): 39-47. DOI:

2017 Summary

January, 2018 – A visual summary of volunteer efforts and observations during the 2017 monitoring season and showing program growth since the 2015 launch.

EPA Project Report

January, 2017 – The first two years of Crab Team were funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency under assistance agreement PC 00J29801 to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. This document provides the final report and deliverables of the project, including a summary of findings from the first two years of the project, 2015 – 2016.

2016 Summary

A visual summary of volunteer efforts and data gathered during the 2016 monitoring season. This was Crab Team’s first full season of monitoring (April – September), and the first year European green crab was captured in Washington’s inland waters.

2015 Summary

2015 Crab Team Results Thumbnail A visual summary of volunteer efforts and data gathered during Crab Team’s pilot season of monitoring, from August to September 2015.