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2015 Hershman Fellows Announced

From Addressing Climate Change to Assessing Paddlesports Safety:


Washington Sea Grant Assigns Six New 2015 Hershman Fellows

 This fall six new Washington Sea Grant (WSG) Hershman fellows will embark on one-year fellowships, tackling topics as varied as assessing paddlesports safety in Washington to addressing climate change for the Makah Tribe. Last month WSG hosted a general fellowship orientation for all new fellows, followed by a tour of Fisherman’s Terminal, lead by WSG Seafood Industry Specialist Pete Granger and WSG Director Penny Dalton.

The Hershman Fellowship was created in 2005 by WSG Director Dalton, in honor of Marc Hershman, a leader in the study of ocean and coastal policy to provide emerging professionals in marine affairs with opportunities for career development. Professor Hershman served on the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy from 2001-2004 and was the Director of the University of Washington School of Marine Affairs (now School of Marine and Environmental Affairs).

The fellowship provides emerging professionals with a unique inside perspective on building marine policy and also allows them opportunities to share their academic expertise. For one year, fellows craft marine and resource policies and are teamed with mentors in state government or non-profit offices around Olympia, Tacoma, and Seattle, working on ocean and coastal science or management issues. Many of WSG’s former fellows have gone on to positions in state and local government, private industry, and non-profit marine organizations.

This year’s fellows are addressing several critical policy issues around the Puget Sound including paddlesports safety, marine water quality trends, costal hazards, and climate change policy development. Mentors come from The Nature Conservancy, the Makah Tribe Office of Marine Affairs, The Washington State Department of Ecology, Parks and Recreation, and Department of Health, and the Puget Sound Partnership.

2015-16 Hershman fellows include:

  • Mikaela Freeman: Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission/Recreational Boating Safety Program
  • Lindsey Hamilton: Washington State Department of Health
  • Skadi von Reis Crooks: Puget Sound Partnership
  • Michael Levkowitz: Washington State Department of Ecology, Shorelands and Environmental Assistance
  • Melissa Watkinson: The Nature Conservancy, Washington Field Office (Seattle)
  • Michael Chang: Makah Tribe, Office of Marine Affairs; The Nature Conservancy, Washington Field Office (Seattle)