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Cool Critters: Tiger Beetle

May 21, 2021

Welcome to our Cool Critters series, where Marine Ecologist Jeff Adams shares the unique features of his favorite marine animals native to the Pacific Northwest. Today’s Cool Critter is the Tiger Beetle!

The Tiger Beetle (Cicindelinae) is brilliantly colored and get their name of ‘tiger’ from their fierce appearance with their protruding eyes and large mandibles. They are shoreline predators, but you might dismiss them as flitting flies if you don’t stop to watch them land and them observe them running about. These beetles can run at speeds up to 9 kilometers per hour, or 5.6 miles per hour, which is about 125 body lengths per second! 

This picture gives a clearer view of the features that give these beetles their name!

Photo Credit: Jeff Adams, Marine Ecologist, Washington Sea Grant