Crab Team Inland Monitor Toolbox

The inland Crab Team early detection network was launched in 2015 to help spot green crabs before they were known to be present on inland shorelines. The network of more than 50 sites covers the shorelines from Cape Flattery to Semiahmoo Bay and the San Juan Islands. Monitors are trained by Crab Team staff and join a roster of more than 200 volunteers and partner staff to systematically sample habitats for green crab as well as native species and habitat features likely to be impacted by or associated with green crabs. Below are the tools of the trade for your convenience, but don’t hesitate to reach out to Crab Team staff with questions.

Inland Monitoring Tools

Inland Site Map

Crab Team maintains a map that includes the location of not only all currently active monitoring sites, but also a broad scale assessment of suitable habitats for European green crabs, as well as the date and location of European green crab captures for nearly all sites within the Salish Sea (additional data on green crabs captured on the Lummi Reservation is maintained by the Lummi Nation, and not presented here). This information is presented for informational purposes only, please contact Crab Team directly if you would like to use information for research or management.