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New Indigenous Aquaculture Website

May 20, 2021

The Cross-Pacific Indigenous Aquaculture Collaborative has launched a new website to inform and bring communities together to enhance and grow sustainable coastal food systems. 

Visit the website here!

Did you know that Hawaiian fish ponds once produced 400-600 pounds of fish per acre each year? Sustainable indigenous aquaculture has endured for millennia, and these systems will continue to unite ecosystems and cultures, as well as expand our food connections throughout the Pacific.

The Cross-Pacific Indigenous Aquaculture Collaborative website has recently been launched! This collaborative brings together a community of people with a passion for sharing knowledge and experiences to enhance the local and cultural production of seafood throughout the Pacific region. The goals of the collaborative include advancing community plans to build fishponds and clam gardens in local areas, support and engage fellows and students at universities throughout the Pacific, and identify needs of Indigenous Aquaculture to better support it in the future. There are many more goals this collaborative is working hard to achieve to support and advance the practices of tending, stewarding, producing, and managing sustainable coastal food systems with the basis of Native and Indigenous traditions, experiences, relationships, and knowledge. Check out their website to learn more about the collaborative and the variety of unique cultural-ecosystems around the Pacific.