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Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Recognizes Crab Team

June 30, 2022

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife named Washington Sea Grant Crab Team the Organization of the Year. Made up of Kate Litle, Dr. Emily Grason, Dr. P. Sean McDonald, Jeff Adams, Alex Stote, and Amy Linhart, Crab Team was launched in 2015 in response to a WDFW request to lead an early detection monitoring program for European green crabs within Washington’s Salish Sea. Crab Team has achieved a much greater scale of monitoring and community outreach than would otherwise be possible and has expanded what we know about native and other non-native organisms that live in salt marshes and pocket estuaries. Crab Team works to quickly detect European green crab to increase the ability to control populations and reduce impacts. The group has also built a long-term dataset on green crab and other organisms to help the department track their impacts.

Congratulations, Crab Team!

Learn more about this recognition here.