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Cool Critters: Cascades Frog

May 14, 2021

Welcome to our Cool Critters series, where Marine Ecologist Jeff Adams shares the unique features of his favorite marine animals native to the Pacific Northwest. Today’s Cool Critter is the Cascades Frog!

The Cascades Frog (Rana cascadae) is one of the five native frogs of the Salish Sea. The Cascades frog generally lives above 2,000 feet up in the Cascade Range and Olympic Mountains, sporting yellow underpants and eyes directed more to the side than upward. They have green to brown spots on their backs, with a light yellow on their throat and stomach. The patterns on their backs are used to attract mates, and adults range from 50-65 mm in length (about 2-2.5 inches). These frogs can be found throughout the Cascade and Olympic Mountain Ranges from Washington down to California. 

The above image of the Cascades tadpole in the middle of its metamorphosis into a frog. 

Photo Credit: Jeff Adams, Marine Ecologist, Washington Sea Grant