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Planet Ocean Teaches Middle Grade Readers How to Speak Up For The Sea

March 31, 2021

We are thrilled to announce the release of Planet Ocean, a nonfiction book for middle-grade readers (ages 8 and up) written with an underwater perspective about how climate change and pollution affect the sustainability of our sea. In addition to some cool science, Planet Ocean readers discover our unbreakable connection to the sea. Writer Patricia Newman and diver/photographer Annie Crawley give voice to stories from inspirational scientists, Indigenous peoples, and kids and teens impacted by ocean changes and working to combat them.

Meg Chadsey, ocean acidification specialist at Washington Sea Grant, is among the experts included in the book. In a chapter focused on the Salish Sea, Chadsey describes how animals from oysters to salmon are feeling the effects of changing water chemistry. “Yes, the ocean’s in trouble, but it’s not too late to turn the tide,” Chadsey says. “We know how to curb ocean acidification, we have the tools and knowledge to cut our carbon dioxide emissions, we just need to do it! And the young people reading this book are going to hold us accountable.”

Chadsey says it was a thrill to work on the chapter with Newman and Crawley, who is a friend of hers. “I helped me recall the wonder I used to feel exploring Salish Sea tidepools and kelp forests as a kid and aspiring marine biologist. Planet Ocean is the kind of book I would have devoured!”

Newman and Crawley hope the book will encourage readers to speak up for the ocean — because the ocean’s story is our story. “Read Planet Ocean with your children and grandchildren to begin the discussion of what humans can do to save our oceans from pollution and acidification,” says Jeff Bridges, an academy award winner and environmentalist. “Books like this one help lead the way to a better climate future for all inhabitants of mother earth.”

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