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WSG celebrates Seafood Month

October, 2018

This month, Washington Sea Grant joins in on Seafood Month celebrations with weekly stories from our programs that support fisheries, aquaculture and the people who are at the center of them.

Week One: Fisheries and People 

The theme of the week is fisheries and people. Read about WSG’s partnership with Olympic Coast tribes to study their social and ecological vulnerabilities to ocean acidification: 

Week Two: Seafood Safety

In honor of this week’s theme – seafood safety – read about the people WSG works with to help keep commercial fishermen safe while on the water through training and education: 

Week Three: Aquaculture 

WSG is pleased to announce that it received funding for a new project through NOAA Sea Grant’s aquaculture research awards. WSG’s project – one of 22 that were awarded this funding that invests in seafood science – is titled: Consumer-focused strategies for understanding market acceptance of domestic finfish aquaculture. Learn more about the award: