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Invasive Green Crab Monitoring Begins This Summer

July 5, 2015

In 2012, an established population of the globally invasive crab was discovered in Sooke Inlet, British Columbia, on the Strait of Juan de Fuca – the first time this species has been found in the Salish Sea. The presence of this invasive species within the Salish Sea increases the chances that European green crabs could invade further into inland Puget Sound shorelines, where habitat is plentiful for them to thrive.

Volunteering: Volunteers are being trained to conduct monthly (July–August) trapping and/or molt surveys for green crabs and the other crabs and fish that live at selected sites. All necessary equipment and training will be provided. Your observations will not only help conserve Washington shorelines but also contribute to research on our diverse pocket estuary habitats. To volunteer, please contact Jeff Adams,

Curious about whether your favorite shoreline might be good green crab habitat? Visit Green Crab Priority Monitoring Sites (Google map) and, for further information on green crab, including a detailed FAQ, see WSG’s Crab Team website.