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Head Outdoors This Holiday Season to Help Build a Picture of the Future by Witnessing Local King Tides!

October 30, 2021

Instantly share photos of this season’s biggest tides with researchers and your community using the MyCoast app

Puget Sound, WA — King tides, the annual extreme-high tides that occur whenever the moon is closest to Earth, offer a glimpse of what our future in Western Washington may look like as sea levels rise. These dramatic events, occurring between November and January this season, provide a great opportunity for communities to develop a preview of shorelines to come.

You can get involved during the 2021-2022 Washington king tides season by uploading photos of king tides events around the state using the MyCoast app, developed in partnership with the Washington Department of Natural Resources. Your photos will help scientists, managers, and planners in your own community visualize the changes coming to coastal regions around Western Washington. By observing king tides, you are also raising awareness in your community about the local impacts of climate change. To find out how much sea levels could rise in your area, check the most current sea level rise projections.

You can find the date and time of king tides near you by visiting the Washington Sea Great king tides calendar. Keep your camera ready, and please remember to stay safe by watching out for waves and slippery surfaces! Never get too close to an incoming wave.

The King Tides program is a partnership between Washington Sea Grant and Washington Department of Ecology. 

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