Carrie Garrison-Laney

Coastal Hazards Specialist

Curriculum Vitae


  • tsunami science
  • scientific communication
  • scientific education

Carrie Garrison-Laney combines her passions — tsunami science, scientific communication, and scientific education — to her position as Tsunami and Coastal Resilience Liaison/Environmental Outreach Specialist.

Carrie’s research as a graduate student included work on identifying and dating paleotsunami deposits in California and Washington, numerical modeling of tsunamis, and using intertidal diatom ecology to study past tsunami inundation events and sea level change. She also taught students in middle school through graduate level on tsunami deposits and earthquake hazards in Washington.

Carrie earned a bachelor’s degree in Geosciences from San Francisco State University; a master’s degree in Environmental Systems from Humboldt State University; and a master’s degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering and a Ph.D. in Earth and Space Sciences, both from the University of Washington.


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