Robert Maw

Fisheries Specialist


  • Commercial Fisheries
  • Fishing Vessel Safety
  • First Responder, First Aid, AED
  • USCG Master
  • Professional Development & K-12 Education

Robert works to address the safety and first aid needs of commercial fishermen in Washington. Washington Sea Grant’s Fisheries group strives to meet the diverse needs of the commercial fishing industry. Robert offers the Safety at Sea (aka ”Drill Instructor”) course through Alaska Marine Safety Education Association (AMSEA) and will be offering courses in First Aid/AED through the Fishermen for First Aid and Safety Training (FFAST) program. Robert is also a member of the National PFD Advisory Board

Prior to joining WSG in the spring of 2023, Robert spent 24 years as an educator, including 10 years conducting professional development for adult learners in the field of technology and computer science. Robert earned his degrees from BYU in Resource Management and the University of Alaska in Education, while also spending his last 44 summers commercial fishing in Alaska. Robert has navigated the waters of the west coast from San Diego, California to Nome, Alaska, including the Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea, Aleutians, Cook Inlet and Prince William Sound. Robert has held a USCG Masters license since 1994.

Most recently, Robert has been instrumental in the genetic study of Bristol Bay salmon by providing the research vessel needed to conduct the offshore data collection and tissue sampling of salmon. Robert has also provided vessel resources and services to Norton Sound, surveying Blue King Crab north of St. Lawrence Island and Red King Crab in Norton Sound. In the spring of 2023, Robert navigated to the end of the Aleutian Islands while transporting scientists to the far reaches of Agattu Island.

Robert’s vast experience as a commercial fisherman and USCG Master provides him with the experience and expertise to understand the value of safety at sea. Working on the water (and often remote locations), commercial fishermen need the skills and education necessary to be first responders. Robert is excited to join the WSG team and to contribute to the training to preserve life at sea.