Jeff Adams

Marine Ecologist

Curriculum Vitae


  • Aquatic invasive species (e.g., green crab, Chinese mitten crab)
  • Salish Sea marine invertebrates and seaweed
  • Biological monitoring of shorelines and stream macro-invertebrates

Jeff Adams works on a wide range of aquatic and watershed issues from his field office in Bremerton. With colleagues from Washington State University and numerous other partnerships, Jeff develops and supports beach naturalist and watershed stewardship programs as well as their associated outreach and citizen science opportunities. He also works to encourage low impact development practices that help protect the region’s waters from stormwater runoff. At Washington Sea Grant, Jeff has deepened his past involvement in state and regional aquatic invasive species prevention and outreach. He is developing a program that encourages people to participate in safe, responsible and well-informed recreational harvest of species such as crabs, clams and oysters.