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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Washington Sea Grant: Terms and Definitions, Values and Roadmap Goals

From the spring 2020 Sea Star print newsletter

Terms and Definitions

Diversity: Demographic representation and appreciation of individual, social, economic, and cultural differences. WSG embraces individuals of all ages, races, ethnicities, national origins, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, cultures, religions, citizenship statuses, marital statuses, education levels, job classifications, veteran status, income, and socioeconomic statuses.

Equity: A state, quality, or ideal of being fair and just. WSG is committed to fair and just opportunities for all persons. WSG works to challenge and respond to bias, harassment and discrimination.

Inclusion: A state, quality, or ideal of being a part of a group or structure where the inherent worth and dignity of all people are recognized and respected.  WSG is committed to building inclusive programs that serve people with unique backgrounds, needs, perspectives, and ways of knowing. WSG cultivates a sense of belonging among all staff, partners, and communities served.

WSG DEI Values

To achieve organizational excellence, pursue its vision, and adhere to its mission, WSG maintains a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion by pursuing diverse perspectives and enhancing cultural understanding. WSG works to create equitable access to resources and opportunities for Washington’s diverse communities and seeks to incorporate their voices and priorities. WSG’s values are informed by environmental justice and are based in a culture of inclusion, respect, long-term engagement and accountability.

WSG’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion shapes the organization and its investments, practices and social interactions.

Specifically, WSG strives to:

  • create a welcoming environment, so that each person feels accepted, valued and safe;
  • build community and learn from each other, honoring differences in background, experience, skills, interests and values;
  • ensure the right of all people to live and work in a clean environment;
  • address root causes of unequal exposure to environmental hazards and eliminate disparities in access to natural resources, opportunities and decision-making processes; and
  • nurture an atmosphere that encourages open, honest and respectful exchanges.

WSG DEI Roadmap Goals

WSG commits to DEI in carrying out its vision and values as a practice in organizational excellence.

  • WSG is welcoming and inclusive.
  • WSG attracts, retains, and advances a diverse workforce and leadership.
  • WSG maintains accountability and transparency in its sustained focus on DEI.
  • WSG supports regular training and professional development on various aspects of DEI.
  • WSG provides programming that facilitates sound, science-based decision-making that supports equal access to relevant scientific information.
  • WSG provides programming that facilitates sound, place-based decision-making based on relevant traditional and local knowledge.
  • WSG leads research and scholarship that addresses topics of value to diverse communities and includes interdisciplinary scientific approaches and multiple ways of knowing.
  • WSG research and program development funding is inclusive of diverse and underrepresented awardees.
  • WSG trains and educates an environmentally literate and informed public that is inclusive and reflective of diverse populations.
  • WSG professional development and fellowship programs prepare the next generation of decision-makers and environmental professionals that is reflective of diverse populations.
  • WSG prepares a marine workforce that is inclusive and reflective of diverse populations.
  • WSG communications create and support cross-cultural, equitable, and accessible information pertaining to the marine environment.