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Spring Sea Star: Showcasing Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Spring, 2020

Washington Sea Grant (WSG) has made a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) an integral part of our culture. A commitment to DEI infuses our identity and our approach to our programming and is part of the daily fabric of who we are as an organization. We have developed a DEI values statement (provided below) that demonstrates WSG is not only working to incorporate DEI principles internally, but are also consciously working to bring DEI concepts to the larger Washington community. We have also developed a roadmap to guide our DEI commitments and actions for the next ten years.

The spring issue of Sea Star, our print newsletter, features stories that we hope will give you a sense of how we weave these concepts into all that we do—from expanding fellowship opportunities to historically underrepresented groups to helping ensure the safety of passengers with disabilities on a small cruise ship. Our story on engineered log jams includes a partnership with a local tribal nation, highlighting critical best practices for working with Indigenous communities, which is one of our core DEI strategies.

Download the PDF of the full issue, or follow the links below to read the individual stories online. We will also highlight each of these as the featured story in our email newsletters over the next few months (sign up here).

While we are proud of the DEI work we have done so far, we recognize that we need to continually strive to improve. We welcome feedback on how we can continue to do better.


Russell Callender, WSG Director,